American Idol Top 9 Tuesday, March 31 2009, Season 8

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The theme was most popular downloads.  I was a little worried that I would hate this week’s songs, but most of the contestants were smart and chose modern remakes of classic songs. 

Paula needs a governor.  She just drones on and on.  Can’t they shut her up?

Anoop Desai, “Caught Up”– He sounded very good, and his stage presence was also good.  I did not like the background singers on this song, but that wasn’t his fault.  When he first came on the show this season, I thought he was sort of goofy.  Tonight was the first time I thought of him as a serious recording artist, and I think he could be edging his way into the serious competitors this season.

The judges did not like it nearly as much as I did.  I wonder if my opinion was affected by the fact that I could not pick out an Usher song if you paid me.

Megan Joy, “Turn Your Lights Down Low”– When I heard that she, with her affectedness, was going to be singing Bob Marley, a guy who is pretty affected himself, I was just frightened.  I just hate her nasally voice.  It simply drives me crazy (in a  bad way).  On top of that, the song was boring, safe, and did nothing for her voice.  The long note near the end, to borrow a phrase from Simon, was excruciating.

Thank goodness the judges hated me as much as I did.

Danny Gokey, “What Hurts the Most”– He was a little screechy this week.  It almost sounded like he had over-practiced.  It was not terrible, but it was probably the worst that he has done this season.  It was good, but not as great as I expect from him.

I thought the judges would be especially hard on him because he did not perform up to their expectations, but of course, the judges loved it.  What the hell do I know?

Allison Iraheta, “Don’t Speak”– I really liked her taking a little of the affectedness off her voice before the first chorus.  She sang it pretty well, as a whole, but her voice broke in a weird way at the end that did not sound very good.  I liked the fact that she was playing a guitar.

The judges liked the vocal (except for Simon), but hated what she was wearing.

Scott MacIntyre, “Just the Way You Are”– My first thought was that this would be the same thing that he always does.  He hit a big note right out of the box, and for the most part he sang the song well.  His control over the power of his voice was a little off, however.  At times you could barely hear him, but when he sang a big note it was like a horn blasting.  Simon had it right last week.  He really belongs in a lounge act somewhere.

The judges loved it.

Matt Giraud, “You Found Me”– I know the song was in some minor key, but he sounded really out of pitch at the beginning of the song, and in other places later on.  He decided to do the EMO rocker thing this week, but I thought it was a terrible choice and change for him.  In the end, it was simply a mess, and his worst performance by a long shot.

The judges hated it as well.

Lil Rounds, “I Surrender”– My first thought was, “She is not good enough to sing Celine Deon.  Honestly, it was better than I thought it would be, but it was screechy, and her big notes were flat.  She paled in comparison to Celine.

They all hated the song choice, but liked the vocal much better than I did.  To Kara: “Effortless” is not the word.

Adam Lambert, “Play That Funky Music”– When I heard that he was singing this wild song, it frightened me.  He is still in a league of his own on the show, and no one in the competition can touch his presentation.  Also, no one else would have attempted this song in a million years.  It was crazy, but still good.  I think this is what it would be like if Rush had recorded this song.  He can sing an-y-thing.

The judges liked it a lot.

Kris Allen, “Ain’t No Sunshine”– As a guy who can not play a musical instrument, I was impressed that he came out and showed that he can play the piano as well as the guitar this week.  His vocal sounded great, and the big notes were very good.  He also emoted well.  I am starting to think that he can sing the bluesy stuff better than Matt, and I already know that he can sing other things well too.  This was my favorite vocal, and second favorite performance of the evening.

The judges loved it also.

I hope Megan goes home.  Please, please, please.