Top 100 Creepy People #10-1

Creepy Person #10- Steve Buscemi-

He is one of the great character actors of our time, and I really like it when he is in a movie, but those eyes, those eyes!  If you want somebody to know who you are talking about just say, “you know, Crazy Eyes.”  They’ll know who you mean.  I feel like I am selling the creepiness of that smile, and those teeth short.  They are the icing on the creepy cake.  He plays a good villain also, but you will never under any circumstances see this guy as the leading man in a love story.



Creepy Person #9- Billy Bob Thornton-

His well documented marriage to Angelina Jolie was filled with creepiness including both of them wearing vials of each other’s blood around their necks at all times so that they would always be close.  His mother was a psychic and two cousins were professional wrestlers.  He is a raging obsessive compulsive, and has a fear of both antique furniture and certain types of silverware.  His character, Carl, in Sling Blade will always be one of the all-time creepy characters in film.


Creepy Person #8- Anton LaVey-

Do I really need to say more than the fact that he founded the Church of Satan in the U.S.?  I don’t think I’ll include a picture of him.  They are out there if you want to look at him, and they are definitely creepy.


Creepy Person #7- Charles Manson-

I’m sure that if I included every serial killer who deserves to be on a creepy list, that is all that would be on here, and putting together this list would have been a lot less fun.  So, Manson and Dahmer (#6) will serve as a representative sample of all serial killers placed on the list where they belong, near the top.  Manson is creepy outside of being a serial killer.  The whole cult leader status, the brainwashed followers, some of whom are still under his spell, the swastika carved into his forehead, and little ditties like, “if I ever started killing people, there’d be none of you left.”  Top all of that off with a string of killings made in the hope that it would start a race war, and you have a very creepy guy.  I don’t think I’ll put up a picture of him either.


Creepy Person #6- Jeffery Dahmer-

He had the whole serial killer thing going for him, but he added to the creep factor by working in homosexuality and cannibalism.


Creepy Person #5- Joseph Goebbles/Heinrich Himmler/Nazis in general-

Like the two entries above, I’m sure I could have filled the list with Nazis and their atrocities.  I chose these two to be representative of them all.  Goebbles was minister of propaganda for Hitler and a true believer in all Nazi policies.  In the end, he poisoned himself, his wife and children.  He was also a funny looking guy.  Himmler, on the other hand was the third most powerful man in Germany.  He created the SS, and the Gestapo, and was directly responsible for most of the concentration and death camps during the war.  To call these guys and their policies creepy may be the ultimate understatement as most of their acts would more correctly be called just plain evil.


Creepy Person #4- Aleister Crowley-

Crowley was a pioneer for the occult during the late 1800s and early 1900s.  He combined a love of occult magic with sexual perversion, science, drugs and racism.  He wrote several occult works that are still used by evil people today.  His Wikipedia page says, “He gained much notoriety during his lifetime, and was infamously dubbed “The Wickedest Man In the World.”


Creepy Person #3- Vlad III the Impaler-

Peter was called ‘the Great,’ Richard was called ‘the Lionhearted,’ Ivan was called ‘the Terrible,’ and Juana was called ‘the Mad,’ but what do you have to do to earn the moniker, the Impaler?  Wikipedia says, “Vlad the Impaler is known for the exceedingly cruel punishments he imposed during his reign.”  His Romanian surname was Drǎculea, and he is the model for the Vampire in Brahm Stoker’s famous work.  In 1459, he had 30,000 of the German settlers (Saxons) and officials of the Transylvanian city of Kronstadt who were transgressing his authority impaled.  His infamy alone earned him one of the top spots on the creepy list.


Creepy Person #2- Elizabeth Bathory-

It is a little surprising to find a slightly obscure woman holding one of the top two spots on this list, but once you learn a little bit about this lady and her vain obsession, she becomes a shoe-in. She was obsessed with her youthful complexion, and would go to any lengths to preserve it.  Known as the Blood Countess, she believed that by drinking and bathing in the blood of her young servant girls, she might retain her skin’s youthful appearance.  Other accusations of violence against her servants include:

severe beatings over extended periods of time, often leading to death.

burning or mutilation of hands, sometimes also of faces and genitalia.

biting the flesh off the faces, arms and other bodily parts.

freezing to death.

bad surgery on victims, often leading to death.

starving of victims.

She is accused of killing between 300 and 600 victims over decades of her rule, until her crimes came to light.  However, at this time in Europe, it was not legal to execute royalty, so the solution was to wall her up in her own castle and pass food to her through a slot.


Creepy person #1- Crispin Glover-

If you could mine creepy, Crispin Glover would be the mother load.  He is creepy incarnate, to the point that when directors are looking to cast a creepy character, they begin with Crispin.  His creepiness has allowed him to be type-cast in roles that only add to his creepiness such as the remake of Willard (where a crazy guy is friends with at rat) and Drop Dead Sexy (where he plays a crazy hillbilly type who has a crush on a dead girl he helped dig up).  Wikipedia says this, “Glover is known for portraying eccentric people on screen, such as George McFly in Back to the Future, Layne in River’s Edge, the “Creepy Thin Man” in the big screen adaptation of Charlie’s Angels and Willard Stiles in Willard.”  Congratulations to Crispin Glover the creepiest guy in the universe.

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Top 100 Creepy People #91-100

Creepy Person #100- Brad Pitt

Why Brad Pitt?  He has really grown as an actor in the past decade, and I like him in most of the roles I see these days.  His creepiness is by association.  He is dating Angelina Jolie who is also creepy by association.  She was married to Billy Bob Thornton (one of the creepiest people on the planet), and together, they forged a bond based on creepiness (more on this later).  That kind of creepy does not wash off.  It’s always there in the back of your mind, and no matter how beautiful she may be, you are still only one relationship removed from being in bed with Billy Bob himself (shiver).


Creepy Person #99- Paula Abdul

Paula is weird, and she may have a substance abuse problem.  She often looks and sounds like the female version of a letch as she fauns over the contestants of the show be they male or female. Like several of the women on this list, she is using everything she can in a losing battle to fight the effects of aging.


Creepy Person # 98 Constantine Maroulis

Since he was the genesis of this whole idea, I honestly thought he would come in at a higher spot, but he just does not have the fame or the creepy ‘cred’ that many of those above him do.  I still believe he is the creepiest Idol contestant in the history of the show, and I will say again, that I would not let my daughter travel to a state where I knew him to be.


Creepy Person #97 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is what Constantine Maroulis would be if he could really pull chicks.  He has plowed ground in an unending furrow from coast to coast, but that was not enough.  He married Denise Richards (hot!), but that was also not enough.  No, this guy who had Denise Richards at home and could have had pretty much any woman ‘for free,’ still went out and bought hookers, so much so, that he is fairly notorious for it.  I’m sure there is a Ven diagram where my jealousy toward him and my feeling that he is creepy begin to occupy the same space.  This fact only makes me feel dirty and creepier.


Creepy Person #96- Mariah Carey

I’ve seen the concert rider.  Green M&Ms, a toilet that has never been used, and that is just the first paragraph of six typed pages.  Guys will put up with a lot for a beautiful woman, but crazy wears you out pretty fast, if it does not kill you in your sleep.


Creepy Person #95- Jerry Seinfeld

All of Hollywood may ignore it, but just because you are famous does not make it alright to be a pedophile.  She was 17 when they started dating.


Creepy Person #94- Ben Folds

I love everything I have heard by this guy, but the more you listen to his lyrics the more you realize what a screwed up SOB he is.  It takes a lot of pain to write like that, and most people could never convey those feelings half as well or as tortured as he does.  I give any relationship he is in about a 2% chance of success, in fact, give me the under on that bet.


Creepy Person #93- Mr. Rogers

I have a friend who loves this guy.  First off, watching that show and seeing him follow the same process from beginning to end each day would leave any child a little OCD.  He looks like the type of guy who knows how many steps it takes to get him to the corner of his street.  The dress only adds to the creepiness.  Not once in all of the years he was on television did he seem to be affected by fashion trends.  It was the same thing everyday.  No one could be like that all of the time.  He is the poster boy for people saying, “He always seemed like such a nice person.”  Nice until they dig up all of the graves, that is.


Creepy Person #92- Pokemon

I know this is not a person, but there is definitely something creepy and insidious about Pokemon.  Kids seemed to be captivated by this primitive animation that could have taken lessons from G-Force.  And, the never-ending card game that went along with it whose only purpose was to get kids to buy more of the game was creepy.


Creepy Person #91- Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte is Gary Busey Light, a lighter slightly less offensive and creepy version of the original.  He still gets the DUIs and looks like he stinks, but not as bad as Busey.  I think the photo says it all .

Top 100 Creepy People Criteria

Top 100 Creepy People 10-1

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