American Idol Results, March 26, 2009 Season 8

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My favorite part of last night’s show was Stevie Wonder.  He was great, sounded just like he always had, and proved that not every singer gets gravel-voice as they get older.  On the other hand, Ruben Studdard brought out the big bag of nothing that has so far driven his career right into mediocrity.  Yawn.

The worst part of the show was when they allowed a young worthless piece of trash named Joss Stone to occupy the same stage with the great Smokey Robinson, and proceed to deliver the worst duet in the history of the show.  First, she looked like she had taken a whole bottle of Paula’s Quaaludes just before taking the stage.  Second, she looked like she thought she was the ‘big star in the duet.  Third, people who cannot stay on pitch and sing out of their throats simply sound terrible in a duet.  And finally, I realized who Megan Joy was modeling herself after, and I still just wanted it to end.  She should never be allowed to sing in public again.

After commenting earlier in the season that the group songs were noticably better that in the past, I was not surprised, but still disappointed with the news that they were being lip-synced.  A note to the producers who said “it is not the same as Millie Vanillie.”  You are correct but it is the same as Ashley Simpson and 99% of the other people who are criticized for doing it.

As far as the result of last night’s show,  I was shocked to see that Matt was in the bottom two, and appalled that Megan Joy was not.  Scott and Michael both deserved to be there, and Michael deserved to go (if we could not lose Megan).  I do think the judges would have used the save, and appropriately so on Matt if it had been him.