Top 100 Creepy People #51-60

Creepy Person #60- John Waters

I had a friend suggest him for the list so I looked him up on Google images.  Oh, yeah.  That guy is creepy.  He is a director, so I looked up his work.  It’s pretty a pretty creepy list of films and actors also.


Creepy Person #59- Vincent Price

Honestly, he probably deserved to be higher on the list.  Here we have a guy who basically devoted his whole life to being creepy, but with time, and a more sophisticated audience, his brand of creepiness comes off a little hokey in today’s world.  If there were a lifetime achievement award for creepy, he would have received it.


 Creepy Person #58- Verne Troyer (or any little person)

Willow may be the only little person character ever seen in film that was not portrayed as evil.  Most little people in film are evil sidekicks.  I remember Dr. Shrinker when I was a kid.  Perhaps the most famous little person in film or television history, Billy Barty played the part of the evil sidekick Hugo in this Kroft sitcom.  Verne Troyer is just the 21st century incarnation of this type of actor.  He may be small, but he is big on creepy..

 Creepy Person #57- Bert

When I was making this list, Bert came to mind.  He always seemed weird and angry against Ernie’s more playful personality.  It was those angry eyebrows.  I had a friend call me out on this one.  He thought that Bert should not be on the list, so I Googled Bert and guess what I found?  There is a whole web-culture out there of people who agree that Bert is evil.  There is even a Snopes article that documents the fact that Bert has appeared on signs at pro-Al-Quaida rallies with Osama Bin Laden



Creepy Person #56- Bill Clinton

Honestly, he probably deserved to be higher on the list. Oh, yeah.  He’s creepy.  He has plowed a furrow through the women that surround him from one side of the country to the other.  He ranks with Warren G Harding and JFK in rumored affairs, and it can probably be taken as fact that he has out-paced both of them due to the fact that the other two died young.  From accusations of affairs in the governor’s mansion in Arkansas to cigars and stained dresses in the White House, this guy is definitely creepy.  Being married to Hillary does not help

Creepy Person #55- Hillary Clinton</span

Honestly, he probably deserved to be higher on the list. She stayed with him after that mess.  She comes across to me as one of the most disingenuous people in politics, and she may actually be the next President of the US.  I’m creeped out by that.


Creepy Person #54- Roddy McDowell

As a one of the great character actors, this guy was in everything, but he was still creepy.  He was the Crispin Glover of his era, and probably deserves more credit for his creepiness than I am giving him here.


Creepy Person #53- Linda Blair

A few people made the list for a single acting roll.  Linda Blair is one of them.


Creepy Person #52- Chris Cooper

As my grandfather used to say, “He is an odd duck.”


Creepy Person #51- Ray Liotta

If creepy eyes came with lasers, this guy would be able to stare a hole through anything.  He plays a good and creepy villain, but those eyes truly make his evil rolls more believable.


Smokin’ Aces

I was told that this movie was meant to be a little “over the top”.  If that was their desire, they got their wish.  I would say that this movie was too over the top.  However, in its defense, I did not at any point that I remember have to follow a bullet into anyone’s head.

I realize that one must suspend reality when watching certain films, but this can be pushed to the absurd.  Here we have another movie where guns never run out of bullets and characters never die no matter how many times you shoot them.

The movie is also problematic because of recurring questions involving character motivations.  The best example would be the main character, Richard Messner, played by Ryan Reynolds.  At one point his partner, played by Ray Liotta, has been shot multiple times (and I mean multiple) and is dying.  Don’t worry.  I’m not spoiling things too much for you.  There will be many other deaths for you to be surprised by.  Anyway, there is a point where Liotta’s character is obviously dying, his partner realizes this and appropriately begins to call for a medic (as if he were in the army).  Almost simultaneously, a girl with a 50 caliber sniper rifle in a neighboring hotel opens up on the open area outside the elevator where Liotta is.

You do not really have to exaggerate the effects of the 50 cal.  It makes a mess and keeps on going.  I forgot to mention that this area is full of FBI agents who begin to get in the way of the bullets with negative results for those who do.  I am not sure how many FBI agents are killed or wounded in this frantic scene, but it is a lot.  Reynolds’ character oddly only has eyes for Liotta.  He continues to scream, “Medic!” during the whole scene, and by the end it is clear that none of the other dead or injured agents are of consequence to him,… or the director.  They are just more fodder for the guns and the camera.

Later he meets Alicia Keys’ character in a stairwell.  She was present at the incident mentioned above, and was obviously materially involved to the point that she was firing at the agents outside of the elevator (she may have even killed one, I am not sure now).  They point guns at each others’ heads, but Keys’ character tells Reynolds’ Character, that she had nothing to do with his partner’s death.  What does a good FBI agent do in a situation that is totally out of control with a gun at his head?  Well of course, he accepts her at her word (without saying a thing), and they both simply move along.  This is logical, of course, because none of the dead agents was important but Liotta’s character.

On the positive side, there are several good acting performances.  Liotta was excellent, as was Martin Henderson as Hollis Elmore.  Alicia Keys was surprisingly good.  But, even though he got top billing for some reason, don’t expect a lot of Affleck.  He is in the movie for a total of about five minutes.

At the end, it seems like the director realizes that he has killed everyone that he wants to kill, and has to come up with an out.  I personally found the ending that they chose hokey and disappointing.  I loved the idea of the plot for this movie, but I was more than let down by the execution.  I would not recommend Smokin’ Aces, but I would like to see this plotline done well in another film.