Top 100 Creepy People #81-90

Creepy Person #90- Ruth Bader-Ginsburg

Ruth Bader-Ginsburg is the liberal who haunts the dreams of all good conservatives. She is not going to win any beauty contests, and if she had her way they would probably be illegal.  The fact that she and Scalia (my hero) are able to be friends almost pushes her off the list.

Creepy Person #89- Vincent Schiavelli

He is one of the great character actors of the 80s and 90s, and everyone I knew just called him “Fish Face.”  Can creepy be so shallow that it applies simply to the way a person looks?  Absolutely.

Creepy Person #88- Wallace Shawn

Some would say that it is “inconceivable” that he would make this list, but he gets on for the same reason as Fish Face #89.  He has played his fair share of evil villains and creatures during his career.

Creepy Person #87- Tony Randall

 As Felix Ungar, he was the original metrosexual.  His prissy nature on the show and in real life was enough to make anyone wonder whose side he was playing for, so to prove his heterosexuality, he goes off and impregnates a woman…at the age of 70!  Ewe!  creepy.

Creepy Person #86- Frank Oz-

Frank brought us some of the stranger Muppets, like Sam the Eagle and Bert.  He also was the strangely backward talking Yoda (very creepy) in the Star Wars films.  He is a weird looking guy who is most remembered in movies for holding up a soiled condom in The Blues Brothers.  He is not the strangest person on the list, but he is a puppeteer.

Creepy Person #85- Janeane Garofalo

It creeps me out that I find her attractive.  She looks as if she smells like Patchouli and cigarettes, but yet I am curiously attracted to her.  Of course, my great fear would be going up to talk to her (if I were not happily married, that is) and having her start to talk politics


Creepy Person #84- Gordon Keith


Known to some as the Dark Lord, this radio/television personality has one of the darkest senses of humor that you will every find outside of Hell.  His Halloween and Valentine cards, while funny, will hit you like a punch in the gut.  See Gordo’s blog here.

Creepy Person #83- The Olson Twins

Since I can’t tell them apart, I didn’t even try.  They used to be cute, but that was obviously before the heroin.  Now these sunken eyed beauties look like a casting call for Dawn of the Dead.  The whole Lance Armstrong thing is creepy too.

Creepy Person #82- Mark Cuban


I’m not trying to be too Dallas-centric here, but is that really possible?  Cuban is tiring to say the least, but he is also creepy.  He is the guy you don’t want to let into the country club much like Rodney Dangerfield’s character in Caddyshack.  Not everyone knows it, but this doughy guy made some ‘blue’ films before he became filthy rich, creepy (shudder).


 Creepy Person #81- Bozo the Clown


Clowns in general are creepy in the same way that carnie’s are creepy, and bozo was the prototypical clown.  The whole Bozo franchise thing was also creepy.  So, your kid goes to get his picture taken with Bozo, but is it the real Bozo, or some guy who is a drunken pedophile when he’s out of costume.


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