American Idol Results Show Top Seven Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Season 8

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The group song tonight was Maniac, and it was obvious that they were lip-synching again.  It even sounded like they had enhanced the sound by adding extra vocal tracks.  With the justification that the Idol producers have used for this so far, I wonder if they will keep doing it when they go on tour.  It’s the same thing.

I try to ignore all of the product placement and cross-promotion on the show, but they waste an incredible amount of my time doing it.

Jennifer Hudson was the first musical guest this evening.  Compared with some of the other tripe they have been rolling out on the Idol stage in recent weeks, she was great.  It was not my favorite style of music, but I would not turn it off if it was playing on the radio.  I cannot say as much for Lady Gaga or Flo Rida.

Miley Cyrus was the next musical guest.  It started better than any of the non-idol related guests that they have had in weeks.  It sounded very country which was good, but she had some big diction issues and sounded pretty nasally on the chorus.  I will take this over most of the other guests that they have foisted on us lately.

I was surprised to see that Allison was not in the bottom three, not because she did badly, but because her song was a little boring, and there were so many other contestants that did well last night.  I was even more surprised to see Anoop in the bottom three.  He was very good last night.  No one was surprised to see Lil in the bottom three.  Finally, I was expecting Matt to be in the bottom three, but at this point it was just a numbers thing.  Anoop got to sit down first, as it should have been.  I was surprised and saddened to see Lil stay and see Matt told that he had the least votes.

However, I did not think that they should have used the save on him.  The save, as I understand it was intended to right a wrong, and save a contestant that had a chance of winning the competition.  Matt was not this.  Simon said so, but the hens (Paula and Kara) were cackling and soon it was clear that they would be using the save.

I told a friend earlier this week that I believed that judges would use their save no matter what happened just because they had one regardless of the viewer’s vote even if the contestants were voted off the show in the order that they should have been.  Nothing good will come of this, mark my words.  Now there is almost a thirty percent chance that one of the really good contestants will go home next week, and next week is disco week.  Pathetic.

American Idol Top 7 Tuesday, April 14, 2009, Season 8

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We were told at the beginning, after Ryan had wasted four minutes babbling, that there would only be two judges commenting after each performance.  I don’t like this idea at all, because it means that Simon will not be heard half the time.  Simon correctly identified the girls as the problem (fire one or both, no problem), but they quickly wasted even more time with a three minutes on a Quinten Tarantino montage.  Even stranger was the fact that Tarantino was the guest judge.  What does he know about it?  Of course, the theme was movie themes.

Allison Iraheta, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”– This was not her best by a long shot.  It was breathy, and affected, as usual.  Mainly, it seemed flat and fairly underwhelming, while at the same time coming across as indulgent and unforgettable.  This could be a bad combination with her leading off the show.

Paula and Simon complimented her.

Anoop Desai, “Every Thing I Do, I Do It For You”– He sounded great at the beginning, and carried that through to the first chorus.  When he held out the big notes, they still had strong, pure, even tones that sounded just great.  It was his best in a couple of weeks.

Randy and Kara loved it also.

Adam Lambert, “Born to be Wild”– Why are we even continuing with this farce of a competition?  It was not my favorite vocal by him, but it was still an amazing performance.  It always seems like a concert when he’s on stage.  I can see why someone would not like it, but it was still incredible.  I think he is the best performer that they have ever had on the show.  Period.

Paula said he was one of the bravest contestants that they have ever had.  Simon liked the vocal but did not like the performance as much.

Matt Giraud, “To Really Love Woman”– I thought this song would be good for him, and it was.  It was not as pretty as Brian Adams’ version, but that is not Matt’s style.  It got out of pitch one time, but for the most part it was very good.

Randy and Kara did not like it as much as I did.  They insightfully pointed out that when you change the melody of a great song, and add runs, they have to be perfect, and they were not.

Danny Gokey, “Endless Love”– I thought this would be a hard song for one person to sing.  It got very good at the chorus.  It was his best vocal in a couple of weeks.  It built, and got prettier as it went along.  Very nice.

Simon oddly criticized him for singing it well, and singing it traditionally.  Paula loved it.

Kris Allen, “Falling Slowly”– I did not know this song, but it sounded great at the beginning.  The harmony was the best that I have heard from the background singers this season.  This vocal was simply beautiful.  This tone of his voice was amazing, and the emotion was great.

Randy was a complete idiot.  He needs to take that tin ear of his back to the place where he got it.  Kara rightly loved it.

Lil Rounds, “The Rose”– This is an easy vocal.  I know because I can sing it.  That is usually how I determine the difficulty of anything on Idol.  The beginning seemed disjointed.  It was another one of those songs that need tell a story, the way she cut it up was weird.  Otherwise it was pitchy and a mess.

Paula was nonsensical.  Simon hated the song choice.

It is time for Lil to go.

American Idol Top 8 Results Show, Season 8, Wednesday April 8, 2009

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For some reason the judges did not seem to know that Frankie Avalon was going to be on the show tonight.  Right.  Unfortunately, he had old, tired voice.

I think the group song might have been live again tonight because it was the musical train wreck that we have come to expect from the show.  I hope that was not the best recorded version of that song that they could produce.

Then we were abused by the musical stylings of Flo Rida.  For a show where the judges are so in tune with the types of songs that its audience wants to hear, I find it hard to believe that they do not know better than to force the same musical abominations on their audience every week.  I am completely sure that they do this on purpose and knowingly at the expense of their audience.  I am not sure, however, why they do it.  Either these groups and their labels are paying Fox an ungodly amount of money for this service and exposure, or these groups must be from labels that Fox has some monetary stake in.  No other explanation makes sense, because I am sure Idol could have its pick of legitimate artists.

Kelly Pickler was on the show tonight.  I guess the show blew its wad having Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Davis Cook in the last few weeks.  Her voice was whiny and screechy in a way that affected your back for most of the song.  She was off pitch, and when the verses went down the song got too low for her.  It was a mess.  I don’t think I will be wasting any money on tickets to one of her shows anytime soon.

When it came time to kick someone off, Ryan’s feeble attempts to be clever and add suspense to the show were more clumsy than ever.  I was surprised to see that Anoop was in the bottom three, but I guess he didn’t really do anything to stand out from the pack.  It was no surprise to see Scott join them. Then Lil joined the other two, and I wasn’t surprised. 

I was surprised (and disappointed) to hear the judges say that they would use their save on one of these contestants.  I assume they are talking about Lil, but it is time for them to drop their agenda.  She is just not that good of a singer, and it is time for her to go in the next couple of weeks.

Of course, she got to sit down as soon as Pickler sang.  Scott was off the show, and the world was right.  There was no judges save for Scott, though they threatened it.

American Idol Top 8, Tuesday April 7, 2009, Season 8

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The theme this week was ‘Songs from the Year they were Born.’  This was encouraging because I thought we had a chance to hear some popular music from the 80s and early 90s.  Unfortunately, the contestants, for the most part, chose poorly.
I have a friend who has commented on the fact that the show needs to be paced better so that the singers at the end get a fair hearing from the judges.  Never was that more apparent than tonight.  Adam deserved to get his fair share of praise at the end, but he did not.
Danny Gokey, “Stand By Me”– I hated the beginning of the song.  It was out of tune, and the arrangement was awful.  It paled in comparison to Mickey Gilley or any else who has every sung the sung the song.  Then, the beat picked up, and I didn’t like it any better.  He never seemed to be on top of the notes.  It just seemed weird, and seemed like something out of a variety show.  I normally like what he does, but not that.  I hope going first, and not doing well does not damage him too much.

The judges liked it, and I was confused.

Kris Allen, “All She Wants To Do Is Dance”– This seemed like the Big Band version of this song.  The arrangement was, once again, very weird.  The original to this song was very edgy, but the horns in this version seemed to neuter it, even though Kris put as much edge on his voice as he could.  The vocal was good. He was on pitch, and had great diction as usual, but the arrangement just seemed unbalanced.  It was not bad, but was my least favorite thing he has done.

The judges hated the arrangement as much as I did.

Lil Rounds, “What’s Love Got to With It”– I thought she started well, but she was flat again pretty early in the song.  It seemed sort of like a karaoke bar version of the song early on, but when she got to the chorus, it got a lot better.  As she moved up into her registry and projected, her notes were more on pitch and her tone sounded better.  She has never been one of the best in this competition, but tonight was the best that she has done in a few weeks.

The judges agreed with me again.  Good judges.  Have a cookie.

Anoop Desai, “True Colors”– I worried about him being able to do justice to this song, but he started it well.  This song is a great choice because it is a singer’s song and a vocal showcase if you do it right.  When the drums came in and it sped up, I liked it a little less, but for the most part, it was good.  It was my favorite up to this point, but that is not saying a whole lot.

The judges liked it for the most part, but Simon was right to point out that it was not all that.

Scott MacIntyre, “The Search is Over”– Just as with Kris, I was impressed to see that he also could play the guitar as well as the piano.  My first thought was, “Boy he took all the edge off of this song.”  It was a little like Barry Manilow sings Survivor.  It paled in comparison, and the big falsetto notes made me cringe in pain.  All in all the vocal was not that bad except for that one big note (that was a big mistake), and the times when he was flat.  The problem with Scott is that he has less musical range than anyone on the show.  You could just play the same performance every week, because that is what you are going to get.  And, he never takes it to another level.

The judges were mixed at best.  Randy was spot on when he said that it was just OK, and that is not enough at this point.

Allison Iraheta, “I Can’t Make You Love Me”– When I head that she was going to sing this song, I thought, “I’d like to hear her sing this well.”  Her main problem is that she tries a little too hard to be cool.  The chorus was the best part, and the big note sounded very good.  It was easily the best thing so far this evening, but again, this night has not been the best ever on the show.

The judges loved the vocal.  Simon and Randy gave her great advice when the talked about the need for her to be more personable.  That means putting down your guard, and trying a little less hard to be cool.

Matt Giraud, “Part Time Lover”– I thought the start was going to be weird, but I ended up liking it.  When the song took off, it got even better.  The style of this song was perfect for him.  In places, it was a little rough as he went down in his registry, but for the most part it was very good. The best he has done in a few weeks.

The judges got a little carried away with their praise.

Adam Lambert, “Mad World”– His vocals were off the chart, once again.  It was similar, but still different from the Gary Jules version of the song.  I liked the tender, and ominous style that Adam delivered in this song.  I want to know what he cannot sing.

Simon was the only one who commented, but he gave a standing ovation.

If I had to choose a bottom three this week, it would be Scott, Danny and Lil.  I would choose Scott to go home.




American Idol Top 9 Results Show, April 1, 2009, Season 8

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Before the show started, I asked my wife, “Do you think the producers of this show can resist the whole April Fools cheesiness?”  Obviously, they could not.  They divided up the contestants into groups of three, then Ryan hinted that one of the groups contained the bottom three, even though it obviously did not.  I turned to my wife, and said immediately that they would be taking one out of each group.  Then, they came back from break, and did the same thing that they always do, and took one out of east group.  April Fools? 

I was frightened when we were informed by Ryan that a “Lady Gaga” was there to sing.  Nothing good could come from that.  On the other hand, it was great to hear the group do a great Journey song (“Don’t Stop Believing”) even if it was lip-synched.

David Cook sounded great, and I predict that he will be the next truly successful American Idol.  The ‘oohs’ might have been a little off, but at least he really sang it.

When it can time to get down to the bottom three, Megan smarted off to Simon, and told him that she just did not care.  Megan did some crazy bird-walk to the bottom three chairs that simply confused me, and made me like her less.  Allison was in the bottom three again, though I am not sure why, unless it’s that people just do not like her smoker’s voice even though she seems to use it well.  Anoop was in the bottom three, and he took the news in a classy way as opposed to the way Megan handled it.

When Lady Gaga came out, all I could hear in my head was Simon saying, “What the Hell was that?”  It was simply ludicrous.  To call that performance indulgent would be that greatest understatement ever.

After that tripe, Allison was quickly sent to safety.  Most happily Megan was sent home.  Simon cruelly told her that her last performance would not make a difference to whether she would stay or go.  Good.

American Idol Top 9 Tuesday, March 31 2009, Season 8

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The theme was most popular downloads.  I was a little worried that I would hate this week’s songs, but most of the contestants were smart and chose modern remakes of classic songs. 

Paula needs a governor.  She just drones on and on.  Can’t they shut her up?

Anoop Desai, “Caught Up”– He sounded very good, and his stage presence was also good.  I did not like the background singers on this song, but that wasn’t his fault.  When he first came on the show this season, I thought he was sort of goofy.  Tonight was the first time I thought of him as a serious recording artist, and I think he could be edging his way into the serious competitors this season.

The judges did not like it nearly as much as I did.  I wonder if my opinion was affected by the fact that I could not pick out an Usher song if you paid me.

Megan Joy, “Turn Your Lights Down Low”– When I heard that she, with her affectedness, was going to be singing Bob Marley, a guy who is pretty affected himself, I was just frightened.  I just hate her nasally voice.  It simply drives me crazy (in a  bad way).  On top of that, the song was boring, safe, and did nothing for her voice.  The long note near the end, to borrow a phrase from Simon, was excruciating.

Thank goodness the judges hated me as much as I did.

Danny Gokey, “What Hurts the Most”– He was a little screechy this week.  It almost sounded like he had over-practiced.  It was not terrible, but it was probably the worst that he has done this season.  It was good, but not as great as I expect from him.

I thought the judges would be especially hard on him because he did not perform up to their expectations, but of course, the judges loved it.  What the hell do I know?

Allison Iraheta, “Don’t Speak”– I really liked her taking a little of the affectedness off her voice before the first chorus.  She sang it pretty well, as a whole, but her voice broke in a weird way at the end that did not sound very good.  I liked the fact that she was playing a guitar.

The judges liked the vocal (except for Simon), but hated what she was wearing.

Scott MacIntyre, “Just the Way You Are”– My first thought was that this would be the same thing that he always does.  He hit a big note right out of the box, and for the most part he sang the song well.  His control over the power of his voice was a little off, however.  At times you could barely hear him, but when he sang a big note it was like a horn blasting.  Simon had it right last week.  He really belongs in a lounge act somewhere.

The judges loved it.

Matt Giraud, “You Found Me”– I know the song was in some minor key, but he sounded really out of pitch at the beginning of the song, and in other places later on.  He decided to do the EMO rocker thing this week, but I thought it was a terrible choice and change for him.  In the end, it was simply a mess, and his worst performance by a long shot.

The judges hated it as well.

Lil Rounds, “I Surrender”– My first thought was, “She is not good enough to sing Celine Deon.  Honestly, it was better than I thought it would be, but it was screechy, and her big notes were flat.  She paled in comparison to Celine.

They all hated the song choice, but liked the vocal much better than I did.  To Kara: “Effortless” is not the word.

Adam Lambert, “Play That Funky Music”– When I heard that he was singing this wild song, it frightened me.  He is still in a league of his own on the show, and no one in the competition can touch his presentation.  Also, no one else would have attempted this song in a million years.  It was crazy, but still good.  I think this is what it would be like if Rush had recorded this song.  He can sing an-y-thing.

The judges liked it a lot.

Kris Allen, “Ain’t No Sunshine”– As a guy who can not play a musical instrument, I was impressed that he came out and showed that he can play the piano as well as the guitar this week.  His vocal sounded great, and the big notes were very good.  He also emoted well.  I am starting to think that he can sing the bluesy stuff better than Matt, and I already know that he can sing other things well too.  This was my favorite vocal, and second favorite performance of the evening.

The judges loved it also.

I hope Megan goes home.  Please, please, please.

American Idol Results, March 26, 2009 Season 8

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My favorite part of last night’s show was Stevie Wonder.  He was great, sounded just like he always had, and proved that not every singer gets gravel-voice as they get older.  On the other hand, Ruben Studdard brought out the big bag of nothing that has so far driven his career right into mediocrity.  Yawn.

The worst part of the show was when they allowed a young worthless piece of trash named Joss Stone to occupy the same stage with the great Smokey Robinson, and proceed to deliver the worst duet in the history of the show.  First, she looked like she had taken a whole bottle of Paula’s Quaaludes just before taking the stage.  Second, she looked like she thought she was the ‘big star in the duet.  Third, people who cannot stay on pitch and sing out of their throats simply sound terrible in a duet.  And finally, I realized who Megan Joy was modeling herself after, and I still just wanted it to end.  She should never be allowed to sing in public again.

After commenting earlier in the season that the group songs were noticably better that in the past, I was not surprised, but still disappointed with the news that they were being lip-synced.  A note to the producers who said “it is not the same as Millie Vanillie.”  You are correct but it is the same as Ashley Simpson and 99% of the other people who are criticized for doing it.

As far as the result of last night’s show,  I was shocked to see that Matt was in the bottom two, and appalled that Megan Joy was not.  Scott and Michael both deserved to be there, and Michael deserved to go (if we could not lose Megan).  I do think the judges would have used the save, and appropriately so on Matt if it had been him.

American Idol Top 10 Season 8 March 25, 2009

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It was Motown Night on American Idol last night, and I thought the guests, Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson were once again great.  Early on, I found myself wondering why Paula was wearing a tutu, then when she later showed us that she had brought props (crayons and coloring books) for Simon’s benefit, I was sure that she had gone completely over the edge.

Matt Giraud, “Let’s Get It On”– This was the perfect choice of song for him.  I thought he played the piano very well, and that he showed a lot of soul as he sang the song.  The falsetto was good, but he was a little flat a couple of times, and it was nowhere near as good as last week’s performance.

The Judges liked it a lot.

Kris Allen, “How Sweet It Is”– I did not like the very beginning, but when he hit the first verse, I thought it was great.  The song only had a few different notes, but he hit the big one at the end.

Once again, the judges liked it a lot.

Scott MacIntyre, “You Can’t Hurry Love”– He started out with a slow version of the song that sounded like everything else he has done on the program so far.  It also seemed thin without all of the traditional instrumentation that one expects with this song.  The vocal was, however, very good toward the end.

The judges were very mixed both positively and negatively with Simon being a little hypercritical.

Megan Joy, “For Once In My Life”– As I heard her practicing the song, I just wanted to put my hands on either side of my head and squeeze until it popped.  The live performance was only slightly better.  The high note at the end of the first chorus was painfully out of tune.  She screamed her notes, and as always was way too affected for me.

The judges deservedly criticized it with Randy deeming it a ‘train wreck’.

Anoop Desai, “Ooh, Baby Baby”– I thought when I heard that he was singing this that he had chosen a very hard song that is hard to hold the pitch on.  For the most part, he sang it well, but it was dreary as it plodded along.

The judges were split between those who liked the vocal, and those who thought it was boring.

Michael Sarver, “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”– I thought it was his best vocal performance yet, and I think I like him singing the blues better than country.  Unfortunately, he has the stage presence of a block of wood.

Also unfortunately for him, the judges did not like it at all.

Lil Rounds, “Heat Wave”– This week should have been right in her wheelhouse, but I thought she failed.  The song was not perfect or on pitch, and worse, it only seemed to have one note in it.  She screamed the whole time.

Paula (obviously high by this time) liked it, but the other judges did not.

Adam Lambert, “The Tracks of My Tears”– Elvis was apparently in the building last night as Lambert decided to become a heart-throb over night.  He looked much better, but that was not the best part.  His voice was amazing, and the falsetto was off the charts.  His slowed down interpretation of the song was simply beautiful.

The judges raved about it.

Danny Gokey, “Get Ready”– He showed, once again, that this is really the Adam/Danny show.  The vocal was perfect (especially his diction), and his dancing with the back up singers was fun.

Everyone loved it but Simon who seemed mad about something (maybe Paula).

Allison Iraheta, “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”– I always think she is too affected, but she sang it very well.  Her diction was great, and I thought it was the perfect song for her.

The judges loved it.

American Idol Results Show March 11, 2009, Season 8

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What the hell do I know?  I tried to predict the rules change, and was flat wrong about it.  However, I may have liked my idea better.  There is something off about the Judges’ Save Rule, which I will refer to as the “America Got It Wrong Rule.”  I will wait and see what happens, but I can’t imagine this not ending in a train wreck.  And, how is America going to treat contestant after the have already been given the boot, but have forced back upon them?  We’ll see.

The Jackson Five group song, while not a terrible vocal, was simply audio and visual vomit.  I hated it.  And the guest singers were just as bad.  Kanye West came out with a song that featured an echo so long that the vocal overlapped while being sung through a voice harmonizer.  Just so you know, there is nothing cool about that, and it is worse than gimmicky.  Kelly Clarkson tried (and failed) to prove to the audience that black is indeed slimming.  Someone needs to apologize to Jessica Simpson.  Then, Kelly sang a song with the wonderful (sarcastic) lyric, “My Life Would Suck Without You.”  I am sure her album would suck less, as well as her sagging career, if she would spend a little more time choosing songs with better lyrics than this.

I was actually surprised to see Jorge go this early, but he definitely was not one of the best.  And Jasmine, though I had high hopes for her, just never had a good performance after Hollywood Week.

On another note, every time a black person gets kicked off Idol, I get hits on my “American Idol Racist?” post from last year.  I made a good case against racism being a factor on the show then.  The problem that I have now, is that I’m tired of it.  Not everything that happens to a black person is racist.  It’s just not.  And to go around swinging this ridiculous bat at times like this not only lessens the impact of true acts of racism, but is just as bad, or worse, than a true racist act.  It happens too often, and it is shameful just like true racism is.

American Idol Tuesday March 3, 2009, Season 8

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For the most part, last night’s American Idol presentation was pretty good.  It was nice to see the contestants singing songs that were more well known, and, for the most part, they sang them well.  There was, however, little greatness seen on the night.

Vaughn Smith- “You’re All I Need to Get By”– I thought he produced the best lead-off performance of the three shows.  That probably says more about the other two shows than it does about Vaughn, however.  He hit his notes, and it sounded good, but the whole thing came off a little like Wham does Marvin Gaye.  It just did not seem right, but he really sang pretty well.

Randy thought it was very hot.

Kara said that he was coming into his own.

Paula loved it.

Simon thought he reminded him of Clay Aiken (in a good way).  He thought that he sang the song well, but was dressed badly.

Taylor VaiFanua- “If I Ain’t Got You”– The first thing I thought was, “Why is she wearing an inner-tube on her legs?”  I thought that the beginning was a little low for her.  She hit the notes, but her tone on that part was not great.  In the end, I thought it was OK.

Kara thought that she hit her notes well, but the performance was cold.

Paula criticized her because she already had sung the song in Hollywood.

Simon thought it was very generic and bland.

Randy found it to be boring.

Alex Wagner-Trugman- “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues.”– This guy made the most of his off-stage moments by showing that he has a great personality.  As far as his performance went, it was too affected, too low for him in the beginning, and came off like a guy singing karaoke after a few too many beers.

Paula found him entertaining.

Simon thought that the growling was ridiculous, and likened him to a “hamster trying to be a tiger.”

Randy thought it was wild and that he screamed it.

Kara thought that he was a fun guy.

Arrianna Afsar- “The Winner Takes it All”– For a while it was hard to tell if she was on pitch or not, but something was obviously wrong.  Then, she was definitely off pitch.  For the most part, it was a ‘runny’ mess, but she ended it strong.

Simon said that most of it was terrible, and that it was too big and dreary.

Randy said that she tried to do too much, and that vocally, it was not good.

Kara found it to be dark, depressing, old and serious.

Paula also thought that the song was too old-fashioned.

Ju’not Joyner- “Hey There Delilah”– I liked it overall.  I thought that he sang it well, and his tone was good.  However, I don’t know how memorable it was.

Randy loved it.

Kara thought it was smooth.

Paula was glad that he changed it up from Hollywood week.

Simon said that it was better than he thought it would be.

Kristen McNamara- “Give Me One Reason”– I was surprised that the song was not too low for her, and she sang it well, but it was really, really safe and did nothing to show off her voice.

Kara thought that she was a great singer, but did not choose the best song.

Paul thought that it was safe and did not show her range.

Simon said that he does not know who she is, and that, though the song choice was poor, she sang it well.

Randy thought it was an easy song, and that she tried to do too much with it.

Nathaniel Marshall- “I Would Do Anything For Love”– My first thought was, “He is going to sing that?  Oh, my.”  Then, I thought he was leading an aerobics class.  It was not badly sung, but it was no where close to being as good as MeatLoaf.  I also found it a little dry.

Simon thought it was excruciating.  He said that it was a weird song, and he had a weird look, but he was memorable and fun.

Randy found the song choice to be curious, and could not imagine making a record with him.

Kara encouraged him to pick a more serious song.

Paula thought that it was the Boy George version of the song, and that was not cool.

Felicia Barton- “No One”– I thought it was very, very good, and perhaps the best of the night up to that point.  It started well, she showed good inflection.  Her voice broke in a good way, and she looked like she belonged on stage.

Paula thought it was unbelievable.

Simon thought that the first part was better than the second part.

Randy thought she had an amazing voice and was hot.

Kara said it was good, and that she noticed her for the first time.

Scott MacIntyre- “Mandolin Rain”– I thought he had a nice tone to his voice.  He had a nice voice-break and inflection.  He was good on the strong notes also.

Randy thought he was passionate, and that the parts that were great, were really great.

Kara said that he moves mountains and sings from the heart.

Paula felt that he had blessed her with his gift.

Simon did not like the song, but said that Scott was growing on him.

Kendall Beard- “This One’s For the Girls”– I was worried that it might be too low for her, but she smartly moved the key up a little.  She was a little pitchy, but overall she sang it well.  She sounded, and looked pretty good as a country singer.

Kara thought that she had a big personality.  She also said that it was the right song, but was flat part of the time.

Paula thought that she had the best outfit.

Simon agreed that it was the right song, but was a little shrilly toward the end.

Randy thought it was a good song choice, but not her best vocal.

Jorge Nunez- “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”– The accent was weird in an Elton John song, but this guy has a really good voice.  He was the best of the night so far, and endeared himself even more with his humility at the end.

Paula said that he has worked hard, and sounds good.

Simon likes his accent, and agreed that he is a very good singer.

Randy said that it was not the perfect vocal, but it was really, really good.

Kara told him that he was a singer with a gift for touching people.

Lil Rounds- “Be Without You”– I thought she had the most professional sound and look of the group.  She was a little pitchy on the “oohs”, but her voice has a nice smoky tone to it.

Simon thought it was brilliant, but a little too close to the original.

Randy thought she was one of the best, and was glad that she kept her swagger.

Kara said she was great, and a powerhouse.

Paula called her first class.

If I had to choose who I thought would go on it would be: Jorge, Lil, and Scott or Felicia.