They aren’t thugs and goons! They just know how to handle these problems better than we do. They use tanks.

I read a story on this afternoon that set me off.  It seems that there are couple of Chinese Americans that are so incensed by recent comments made by Jack Cafferty on CNN that they have decided to sue the network for 1.37 billion dollars.  Yes, that’s billion with a ‘B’.  Amazing.

Cafferty’s remarks were in regards to China’s treatment of Tibet and their often sub-par to dangerous products that they ship to the rest of the world.  It is a fact that China’s treatment of Tibet, along with its treatment of many of its own people has been horrific.  And, I do not think we need to see a bunch more pets die or lead-paint laden children’s toys to prove there are problems with many of their export products.  Cafferty’s comments are legitimate interpretations of the facts.  Hey China, if you don’t want your crappy products called ‘crappy’, the don’t make crappy products.  And, if you do not want to be referred to as goons and thugs, you need to stop killing peaceful protesters (i.e. running them over with tanks and shooting monks) and persecuting anything outside a flimsy state religion.

I am particularly angered by people who respect the freedoms that they have gained by leaving Chine for the U.S. so little that they attempt to bully others out of their right of free speech.  Obviously they forget how the home country deals with free speech and protests.

Something must be done to deter these ridiculous lawsuits that do nothing but cost us tax dollars.  I know it is a slippery slope when you start to de-legitimize cases before they are heard in court, but we are already sliding out of control on the opposite slope where anyone is now suing anyone for anything no matter how ridiculous. 

If I were the judge in this trial, I would deal with it like this.  Before I dismissed the case out-of-hand, I would turn to the plaintiffs, and charge them with all of the court costs for all time (yes, I mean for each and every case).  This would be a good start t deterring this nonsense, but I would also throw their attorneys into jail for a while for contempt for allowing themselves to be paid to abuse the court.

You may think all of this is unrealistic.  Sadly, you are probably correct.  What will probably happen is that CNN, after searching its soul (what is more important freedom of the press or the appearance that they are not racist, even though none of this has had anything to do with racism), will fire Cafferty.