American Idol Top 3, Season 8, Tuesday May 12, 2009

Tonight the contestants are singing two songs.  I like it when the contestants get to pick their own songs without a bit being involved.  It allows them to perform at their best with no excuses.  However, I hate it when the judges pick songs for the contestants.  Someone always picks something stupid, or one of the songs is much better suited that the others.  There is something inherently unfair about this.  Fortunately or unfortunately we are getting one of each tonight.  I just hope the judges do not criticize the song choices that the contestants did not get to make as they usually do.

Danny Gokey, (Paula’s Choice) “Dance Little Sister”– I wondered why Paula would pick this obscure song for him.  The vocal was mostly good, but he screamed a lot.  It was also fairly manic.  There was very little range in the notes so it did not show off his vocals.

The judges liked the vocal and did not like the dance.  Simon criticized Paula’s song choice.

Kris Allen, (Kara and Randy’s Choice) “Apologize”– I did not really know this song either, but I liked the tune much better than the first song.  His vocal was great, and he emoted very well.  It sort of reminded me a little of Cold Play in a good way.

Kara is simply an idiot.  I have no idea what she meant with her criticism.  Simon criticized Kara for finding fault with the song that she chose, and the blow up was great  The review was mixed at best.

Adam Lambert, (Simon’s Choice) “One”– Simon’s choice was great.  A great song, a singers song, and popular song.  The start of the song was beautiful.  The soft tone to his voice was amazing.  Then, the song took off, and became the regular Adam Lambert show where he routinely shows how much better he is than the other competitors.  He made it his own, and changed it up a lot, but it was still great.

Danny Gokey, (Danny’s Choice) “You Are So Beautiful”– This song is the perfect choice for him.  The instrumentation at the beginning of the song was weird.  The soft tone was a little strange, and it was pitchy in the early verses.  The backup singers were way out of place, but the big note was very good.

The judges loved it with Simon saying that the vocal was ‘master class’.

Kris Allen, (Kris’s Choice) “Heartless”– It reminded me more of Santana than Kanye West.  It was cool and upbeat, but I would not call this a singer’s song.  I thought it was a very different choice for him, and the acoustic guitar was good, but I expected much more of a vocal performance.

The judges loved this performance also as much as Danny’s.

Adam Lambert, (Adam’s Choice) “Crying”– I said last week that he should be able to sing Aerosmith, and I was right.  The background vocal was way too loud, but his vocal was perfect once again.  I am trying to think of a time this season when they criticized his vocal, but I cannot think of one.

They loved his performance once again.

These three guys are all great.  I picked Danny and Adam at the beginning of the season, but now I will have to choose Kris and Adam for the final.  Kris is simply a better vocalist than Danny.