Idol Girls Disappoint

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I will begin the review of ladies night with a note to all of the female contestants.  Pick songs within your range.  It is pretty easy to tell if a song is too low for you, and if it is you have three choices: 1) work with the band to raise the key, 2) change the notes in the song to where you can sing it (risky), or 3) don’t sing the song, simple.  Every year it seems that the female contestants, even the good ones, can not keep from picking songs that are too low for them.  You have a whole decade of songs to choose from, and you are on American Idol.  You should be good enough to find at least one song that you can sing from a decade’s worth of music.  Remember, it takes more than just the last note to make a song.

We learned several other interesting things last night.  From Paula, we learned that the competition needs certain people even if they consistently sing in a horrible fashion.  All I have to say about that is that the competition only needs one person in it, and that’s the winner (and maybe Simon).

Carly Smithson- “Crazy On You.”-  It was good for her to start the show with an upbeat song, and she proved that she is a much better rocker than Amanda (Skunk Girl) Overmyer.  The song got a little screechy at points, and it was definitely not her best performance, but Simon praised her as the girl they’ve all got to beat.Seyesha Mercado- “Mr Jones”- The baby cry was creepy and irritating, and the song was bad and boring.  It could have been a “safe” song, if she had performed it well.  But, She was shaky, and the song was too low for her.  It was a horribly dreary song that did nothing to showcase her great voice.  I expected her to slay the ending, but she didn’t.  Simon referred to it as indulgent and silly.Brooke White- “You’re So Vain”- On a night when it the bar was not set too high, she was the best.  She sounded hauntingly like Carly Simon, in a good way.  It was her best performance yet.  She had a nice tone and hit her notes.  The judges all liked it as well.Ramiele Malubay- “Don’t Leave Me This Way”- At the beginning, her facial expressions were very affected and contrived, and once again, the song was too low for her.  She sang it good, but it was monotonous and boring.  The judges all thought it was OK, but Simon rightly characterized it as “forgettable”Kristy Lee Cook- “You’re No Good”  She was supposed to tell us something that we did not know about herself, so she told us she was a tomboy.  I think that this aspect of her life is the only this that Idol has played up so far.  Tell me something that I don’t know about you.  As far as the song went, she sang it well, once again, but she has a problem conveying a song to an audience.  Her movements were jerky, and she looked very out of place on stage.  If she does not find a way to express herself soon, she will be gone.  Lucky for her there have been people who sang worse than she has each week so far.  Simon recommended that she go country, and I agree.Amanda (Skunk Girl) Overmyer- “Carry On”-  Once again, a contestant sings a song that is too low for her, but at least she was horrible on the rest of the song also.  Most of the melody was not terrible (just bad), but the ending was excruciating.  I do not know why some of the judges have to prop up bad contestants.  As I said before, in contrast to Paula, the show does not ‘need’ this girl.  Simon did not fall into Paula’s trap.  He said that it was contrived, indulgent, and could not wait for it to end.  All I can say is, “Bye, it’s time to take your fake, sandpaper voice back home.”Alaina Whitaker- “Hopelessly Devoted”- First of all, I just want to give her some props for the “food should not touch” thing.  I agree whole-heartedly, as LL Cool Jay said in Toys, “I am a military man, and I want a military meal….I don’t want mixing on my plate.”  The getting a new fork for each item thing, may be going a little far though.She sounded nice on the long notes, but her voice broke and she got screechy a couple of times.  It really sounded like the effects of over practicing, but this is Idol.  You get a pass this week, but eventually, those voice breaks will kill you.  The judges were possibly a little over critical of her, but Simon did refer to her as a possible dark horse in the competition.Alexandrea Lushington- “If You Leave Me Now”- Though this was not a terrible performance, it was not that great either.  It was a safe song that was screechy on the high notes, and had a weird ending.  The judges (except Paula) did not care for it either.I thought that she sounded a little desperate after the song was over, agreeing with the judges’ criticism, and then saying “I know the song was right for me.  That’s all that matters.”  Then she mumbled something else in which she claimed to be an underdog.  She needs to not try so hard in the after-the-song discussions.Kady Malloy- “Magic Man”  Why did she pick this song???? It was a terrible song choice, and she performed it terribly.  It was too low for her (again!), was a mess, and was easily the worst performance of the night.  It may have been one of the poorest song choices in the history of Idol.  She will be going home this week, no doubt.Asia’h Epperson- All By Myself”  For all contestants:  If you cannot sing Streisand, Whitney or Celine as good as they do, then don’t try.  Remember, all of the notes count, not just the last one (contrary to what Paula may believe).  This song started out too low for her.  Her voice broke on the first chorus, and her power was not consistent.  Randy surprisingly said that she did a good job (If someone had done that to a Whitney song, I doubt if he would have been so kind).  Simon correctly said that if you are going to sing a song like this, you have to pull it off.  He called it a “silly decision.”We should see Kady and Amanda leave this evening.  My top three girls are Carly Smithson, Seyesha Mercado, and Ramiele Malubay.  I still think that Syesha is the best, but she will have to do better than she did last night if she wants to beat Carly Smithson.