A Little More Yankee Hatin’

I don’t know if it is absolutely fair to hate the Yankees for signing CC Sabathia for a record $161,000,000 over the next six years, but just can’t help it.

As a fan of the Texas Rangers, I will always remember how offended the media was when the Rangers offered A-Rod, the best player in baseball at the time, a record $150,000,000 contract.  The media beat the Rangers up and down about how ridiculous the contract was.  Because many people allow their opinions to be determined by the things that knuckleheads in the media say, the outcry was pretty loud.  Eventually, even though he was still the best player in baseball during his tenure with the Rangers, public opinion soured him on the team, and he left (to the Yankees, no less, sticking the Rangers with a good portion of his contract).

Obviously, the best position player in baseball is worth more than the best pitcher in baseball.  Why then is it OK for the Yankees to spend these sums of money, but not the Rangers?

The problem I have is with a sports media which is largely driven and controlled by Eastern press agencies who do little to mask their biases for teams like the Yankees, but never acknowledge these biases.  What I see in all of this is that it is alright for a team such as the Yankees to spend whatever they want on any player, but heaven forbid an upstart, second-tier team like the Rangers even attempt to play ball in the same marketplace that the Yankees play in.  If that were to happen, then perhaps some team other than the Red Sox and Yankees would go to the playoffs every year, and the Eastern media obviously could not deal with that.

So, because the media will not police itself in this manner, I am left with no other option but to wish failure on the Yankees.  And, I do.

Come On, Fox News!

I have to throw an offsides flag on Foxnews for using the very unfortunate and unnecessary headline, “Good Spirit, Poor Execution” for their story about a group of Texas cheerleaders who recently performed a skit portraying the execution style killing of rival cheerleaders. 

If Foxnews wants their reporting to be taken seriously, then they must treat their stories in a more serious manner.  Placing this headline on this story is, on the one hand, tabloid, and on the other hand, just as irresponsible and insensitive as the skit that was done by the cheerleaders themselves. 

I used to listen to Limbaugh, but eventually I stopped for two reasons.  First, I felt that he was simply preaching to the choir, but later, I realized that I couldnot talk to anyone about things I heard on his show because sometimes he ran with an unsubstantiated rumor, and if I did reference his show in a conversation, it could affect another person’s opinion of me.  I’m beginning to have similar feelings of Foxnews.

Unfortunately, Fox does not work hard enough at appearing to be a legitimate media outlet.  This places their readers and viewers in the position of having to filter the information that they get through Foxnews.  What bothers me the most, is that there is no conservatively leaningmedia alternative to force Foxnews to take itself more seriously.  For people like myself, they hold an ideological monopoly.

Surprise, surprise

Was anyone really surprised when the bigfoot on ice in Georgia turned out to be a fake?  Unfortunately, the answer is, probably.  It is important to remember that there are lots of people out there who are so bored with life that they encourage the fantastic and unrealistic. 

Groups in Texas (sigh), Hawaii, and the Dakotas are currently wasting their time and energy trying to form independent governments.  Daily we hear about cult religions with kooky beliefs that somehow have hundreds of adherents.  A large number of people in Iceland actually believe in gnomes and elves.  Huge numbers of nuts get together to fantasize about being taken by aliens.  No, it’s no surprise that people want to believe in bigfoot.

The saddest aspect of all of this was the performance of the media.   They reported this story with an almost giddy excitement that was tempered only slightly by feigned professional objectivity.  Would it have been more prudent to sit on the story and wait for the examination?  Probably, but this is not that realistic.  It would have been better if the reporters who wrote the original stories had taken the time to do a little investigation on their own.  Unfortunately, they broke the story, and then were approached by owners of costume shops who verified that it looked just like one of their costumes.

The evolution of the media in recent years is more and more troubling.  Two disturbing aspects have become more and more prominent.  First, stories that used to be tabloid, and reserved for publications like The Weekly World News have found their way into the mainstream media.  People are attracted to the sensational, and tabloid stories are almost always sensational.  Reporting these types of stories will get more people to watch your news program or bring more people to your news website.  This increases rating, and ratings mean revenue. 

Forget about journalistic integrity, because that is the other reason.  There is none.  Which brings me to another troubling change in the media over recent years.  This is the fact that the media is becoming more and more partisan.  Up until a couple of decades ago, most of the serious media outlets at least paid lip service to a goal of unbiased reporting.  However, with the emergence of Foxnews (who admittedly shows both sides with a conservative bent), most major television news sources have become unabashedly biased in their attitudes.  They increasingly become more editorial in their reporting to the point that some (see NBC) seem to be sitting-in on party strategy meetings and being given their marching orders by political parties.

Being a conservative, I am more sensitive to this on television news reports that have embraced the ideas of the left.  This includes NBC, CBS and CNN (Like everyone else, I don’t even pay attention to CNBC and MSNBC).  I guess it takes a lot of bias to balance out Foxnews.