Whales Wars Season 2, Episode 11: Overlooking a Forlorn Shore

I’ll have to admit that the Whale Wars season is dragging me under as it drags along.  The episodes seem to plod, and only deliver about five minutes actual excitement toward the end.  Even that is usually anticlimactic.  I don’t know how much more of this I will put up with, and making the same arguments to a bunch of irrational, shallow thinking tween-agers every week who do little more than throw out ad hominem attacks is also tiring.  I just hope the season is over soon. 

The new plan to interfere with the Japanese involves sailing the Steve Irwin directly between the Japanese harpoon vessel and the factory ship in order to sever the line transferring the dead whale to the factory ship.  This seems incredibly dangerous, but possibly effective.

For some reason, they moved ahead of the factory ship.  Paul decided to pull across its bow, and barely missed being crushed by it.  Make no mistake about it.  That would have been the end of the Steve Irwin.  I don’t understand what the point of the move was, but they then looped back around behind the factory ship, and forced the harpoon ship to back off.  This is the first successful thing that they have done all season, and they wasted no time patting themselves on the back.

The harpoon ship circled and pulled back into position, and Paul decided to try to sever the line.  They succeeded in throwing several bottles of the stinky acid on the stern desk of the harpoon ship, and then Paul, the great skipper, rammed the Japanese harpoon ship.  For all of you guys who keep defending the Sea Shepherds by asking what laws they have broken, here’s one: the purposeful or careless ramming of another ship on the high seas.  I think that’s illegal.

After determining that they weren’t sinking, the Sea Shepherds praised themselves for what they had done although they did not even stop it from transferring the whale to the other ship.  In the end, even they finally saw their own ineffectiveness.

After looking below decks, they found out that the bucket of bolts known as the Steve Irwin was leaking.  The holes were repaired.  I wonder if they even know how lucky they were.

When the issue blew up in the press, Paul Watson took the only tact he could.  He lied.

On the way back, a couple of the crew were married by Paul on a desolate little piece of rock in the middle of nowhere.  It was actually pretty cool, and almost made me like Paul and the Sea Shepherds, but not really.

In the end, they accomplished nothing.  Not one whale was saved, and the lives of many people were put at risk.  What a waste.

As they docked, the police were waiting for them, and a warrant was issued in conjunction with an investigation involving the collision.  In the end, I think it is the sad Australian government that will bare the responsibility for not prosecuting the Sea Shepherds over political reasons.  I would throw the book at them.

6 Responses

  1. From season 1 to season 2 the Japanese added items to protect their ships such as LRADS and nets. With the Sea Shepherds actually ramming one of their ships, will Japanese increase their defenses further?

    Is there a law that prevents the Japanese from sending a military vessel to protect their ships?

    • I suggest torpedos, but in the case of the Steve Irwin, a well placed can opener would probably do the trick.
      In answer to you question, the Japanese are no longer allowed to have a standing Navy as such after WWII. Their navy is the U.S. Navy. However, they are allowed to keep certain vessels of a defensive nature. Among these are a group of destroyer class ships which they actually sent abroad in support of the U.N. in the gulf war a few years ago for the first time. I suppose if they could send them abroad for that purpose, they might also send them abroad to defend their own ships from attack. It would be interesting to see the Steve Irwin interdicted by a Japanese destroyer, impounded, and the Sea shepherds forced to stand trial in Japan, but the political fallout aould be great if it were to happen.
      Great question.

  2. I agree it’s frustrating to watch their inefectiveness, but that doesn’t make me want to root for the japanese whalers.

    you’re a bonafide ——–.

    • As I do with many shallow thinking types who can do nothing but through names around, I encourage you to try another site that will agree with your views until you can come back and have an intelligent discussion. I take the time to lay out why I think the Sea Shepherds are evil. If you don’t have the time to attempt an intelligent defense of their methods, please don’t comment at all.

  3. I do not agree with the Sea Sheperds eco-terroists or their methods. I agree with bonafide completely. Watson states emphatically over and over that he will do “anything” to stop the whalers. He lies and distorts constantly, if you don’t believe me ask yourself this; If he is willing to put his ship and lives of his crew in mortal danger by ramming one of the Harpoon Ships, what is to stop him from lying? Reference the episode where supposdly got shot, what a bunch of Bull! Total lie! He is never on deck when anything is happening but in this case he is on deck and in a bullet proof vest no less. Total propoganda for release through his personal media outlet; “The Discovery Channel”. The guy is going to get someone Killed, most likely one of his crew and when it happens you will immediately hear about how the whalers caused it. Unbelievable! One last thing, if you truly want to put these things in the perspective of these extremely foolish individuals that follow Watson, take note of the comment made by the first mate (Don’t know which episode) that whales are sentined beings. Sentined Beings? Are you kidding? Is a dog considered sentient? No, as an animal there are sensations (Which unfortunately includes pain) but sentined as in “Self-Aware”? There is absolutely nothing that indicates that whales (or anyother animal other than Human) has reached the level of self-awarness. These misguided people, miscreants of projected emotionalism need to get a life. Fight this battle in the courts where it belongs, because one human life is worth more than every whale in the sea because we are sentint. Even if the person wants to throw it away.

  4. He lies because he is in it for the fame & the money, lets not forget he is a ‘movie star’ and is self absorbed. WW makes him a millionaire as do the donations so think twice beore donating to this dodgy cause. He is a fraud and the conned will realise this eventually. If you think WW 2009 was boring , wait for 2010 – this is rivetting contrived utter crap and an insult to the viewers.

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