Whale Wars Season 2 Episode 7: The Desire to Fling Things

Though there is good commentary in all my Whale Wars posts,  you can find my newest post on the subject here.

Sorry I am a little late this week.  I had to attend a family reunion with my in-laws out of state.

This episode picked up with the Steve Irwin tracking behind the Japanese factory ship.  Their small boat is still lost in the fog…again.  The concern of the captain for the members of his crew that could have been lost at sea led him to do absolutely nothing.  The Sea Shepherds blamed the Japanese for blocking their transmissions, but I say it’s an even bet that their equipment was broken (again), or, in their continued incompetence, they simply did not know how to use it.  This, of course was confirmed when the sat-phone would not work.  Oddly, the communications officer was able to come up with a work-around that allowed them to communicate and find out where they were.  Captain Paul Watson showed his true concern when he said, “They should never have gotten that far away.”

The small boat finally got free of the ice, and made its way back to the Steve Irwin.  We got to hear a recap of last week’s events as soon as they got back onboard.

The Sea Shepherds claim that as long as they hound the factory ship, the Japanese cannot kill whales.  While this makes some sense, I have heard them make bold claims of their effectiveness before, see the ‘pro-fouler’ from last week’s episode.

They follow the factory ship into an ice field, and once again, we are subjected to they fragile Steve Irwin making its way precariously through it.  The first mate emphasized the importance of following the factory ship when he wisely said, “…whether it meant a breach in the hull, we were going to be stuck to them like glue.”  Obviously, he is the only person who missed the movie Titanic a few years ago.  At some point they figured out that if they followed in the wake of the other ship, they would not have problems with the ice.  geniuses.

Later, the Japanese surround the Sea Shepherds with three other ships.  The members of the Sea Shepherds seemed to recoil at the aggressiveness of the Japanese, and the potential for collision.  How quickly the Sea Shepherds forgot that they were the ones who actually hit one of the Japanese ships while attempting to intimidate them.

They then decided to violate the orders of the Dutch government, and ‘defend’ themselves by throwing things at the Japanese ships.  I hope they lose their flag over this, and are branded true pirates.  I keep finding myself saying this.  The Sea Shepherds are the aggressors here.  All they have to do to stop the Japanese from attacking them is to stop attacking the Japanese in the first place.

The first mate, whose idiot-factor is quickly rising decides that making a grappling hook to tear away the Japanese nets would be a good idea.  I see a little boat being dragged behind the Japanese ship while it is tethered to the net of the harpoon ship by a rope and grappling hook.  Oh, please make it so.

Rightly, the small boat crew was having none of this nonsense.  One of them actually said, “There is just so much potential for tragedy.”  The boson is simply a moron.  He said that he was disappointed that they thought it was dangerous, and this great quote, “Any new tactic is worth trying out.”  Really?  Any tactic?

This most anticlimactic of episodes ended in this manner.  What a waste of time.  Get to the point Animal Planet!  At least the previews from next week’s episode look good.

2 Responses

  1. Hello i was just wondering where the “commentary” was. Oh Wait I found it Under all the dumb ass Ranting on how stupid the people on the Steve Irwin are
    What i really want to know is why do you contenue [nice job of spelling there, but not surprising coming from someone with this obviously high level of education and reasoning ability] to watch this show if all you have is negitive things to say about it and then once a week you get on here and rant about it I mean who the [explicative deleted] are you to judge the work these people do.
    I bet you [comment edited due to inappropriate use of the English language] watched what happend in New Orleans and said “man that sucks” while People like Me went down there and did something to help. [Comment partially redacted do to ad hominen attack, use of foul language, and abuse of the English language.]

    • First, my friends and I watch this show religiously. The best thing I can liken it to is watching a plane crash. You just can’t take your eyes off of it. I mean, good Lord, there’s a plane crashing over there. You have to watch it, and you just can’t take your eyes off it.
      Second, I find it very interesting that someone who supports the Sea Shepherds could ever be so hypocritical as to attack someone for judging them. The Sea Shepherds sole purpose is to condemn and judge the actions of the Japanese. Do you really want to get up on that moral high-horse?
      Third, in case you did not know it, this is my blog. I can have whatever opinion I want on it. In fact, it is the only real reason I have it. If you don’t like it, unsubscribe. Oh yeah, you already did. good.
      Fourth, where do you come off scoreboarding people on things you do not know about? For your information, I work in disaster relief. We help people, not whales. I was in Baton Rouge during the first week of the disaster. I worked 187.5 hours during the first two weeks Katrina, and work 12 hours a day seven days a week for over a month providing real assistance to disaster victims (we prefer the word ‘survivors’). Now that you know how wrong you were about a person you have never met, my question to you is: What does any of this have to with Whales and those shallow thinking idiots on the Steve Irwin? Also, that high-horse you ride around on gets shorter whenever you feel like you have to shoe-horn in your good deeds, especially when that have little to nothing to do with the conversation at hand.
      I find it interesting and telling that the most common search criterion that has brought people to my blog over the past month is “Whale War Idiots.” I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way.
      If you would like to try and have an intelligent discussion about the many issues revolving around this series, the Sea Shepherds and their actions, I welcome the discussion.

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