Obama the Micromanager

After seeing Obama’s comments about the police in Cambridge. Massachusetts this week, I’ve decided I’m going to call him and let him handle it the next time the city fails to pick up my trash.  I thought it was ‘stupid’ the last time they left it at the curb, and I’m sure he will also.

6 Responses

  1. Don’t forget the racial surs that should be in that call when you make it.

    • What a sad silly person you are. Of course I must be a racist to criticize a dumb comment. I did not refer to his color, but merely to a horrible gaff that he should be ashamed of.
      Don’t bother bringing that racial bat into this arena, because it does not scare me, and only makes you look like a simple minded fool. I am no racist, but I do not agree with Mr. Obama or his policies. I hope that I still live in a country where I can disagree with someone’s political views, as mildly as I did without being called a racist.
      By the way, the police have the tapes of the arrest, and are preparing to release them. Are you prepared to be wrong and embarrassed? I am prepared to be wrong (if the police were out of line), but I have yet to put myself in a position of possible embarrassment. I will still think Obama overstepped the bounds of his office, because he did. That does not make me a racist, not even in Obama’s America.

  2. I was only pointing out the same racial thing that Obama had brought up. The reason he chose to mention this incident in the first place.

    • The point is, he had no business interfering in local civic matters, especially on behalf of someone he referred to as a friend during a press conference in which he was speaking as president of the Unites States. The race issue in this situation is at best up for debate, and looks like it will end up with the professor having egg on his face.
      What would have happened if a white man had broken into his own house, and the neighbors called the cops. I’ve seen Cops, and let me tell you, if a white guy had been belligerent and uncooperative with the police, he would have been charged with disorderly conduct also.
      The broader point I was making is that Obama had no business commenting on or injecting himself into this matter, especially without all of the facts. Oh, and I believe now that he has seen what this has appropriately done to his approval rating, he is the one who is backing off, as he should.

  3. Dude, you just flamed a guy that was adding to your joke and on your side. He was referring to the dude who started the incident and saying that when you call in the trash complaint you should say that they left your trash because you were white.

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