Whale Wars Season 2 Espisode 5: The Unintimidatables

Though there is good commentary in all my Whale Wars posts,  you can find my newest post on the subject here.

I have been waiting for this episode with baited breath. Finally, the Japanese are going to retaliate.  Let the LRAD begin.  Mr. Sulu set LRAD for ‘decimate!’

The show began with a ‘white powder’ being opened in an envelope while at the dock.  The ship was quarantined while anthrax tests were done.

I don’t buy this for a minute after the ‘Shooting’ at the end of last season, I don’t believe this at all.  I smell a rat.

Let me supply another possibility.  All of this generates a lot of media coverage which gets the Sea Shepherds in the news, they look like victims, and their donations go up.  And, all it costs is an envelope, a stamp and some Tide.  I’ll put my money on this.

After determining that it was not anthrax, they loaded back up, and set sail again.  They had just reached dangerous waters again, when the bucket of bolts known as the Steve Irwin lost all power, including engines, and was dead in the water.  Where is a storm when we need one?  It’s just amazing how much time and money these guys waste because all of their equipment breaks down.  I wonder how many poor whales were slaughtered while the ship was not running.  At least, the Japanese won’t starve.

I was thrilled to see that the Dutch, who for some reason allow the Sea Shepherds to fly under their flag, had ordered the Sea Shepherds to cease throwing objects from their ships at the Japanese.

The Sea Shepherds’ interpretation of this order is that they will have to throw their chemical bombs from the smaller boats instead of the Steve Irwin.  This is great because the Sea Shepherds have proven that they can barely get these boats launched at all much less attack the Japanese from them.

The first mate announced that the Japanese have LRAD.  It is clear that at least some of them see the inherent danger in being in a small boat or helicopter if LRAD is used on them.  One of the crew made the wisest statement that has ever been made on the show when he said, “Usually plans are made around worse-case scenarios.  However, we seem to be foolishly making plans around best case scenarios.”  That guy should be captain.

After being tipped off, the Sea Shepherds find the Japanese.  However, when they find the processing ship, there is also a harpoon ship.  Then, another harpoon ship comes up behind them.  The narrator refers to the fact that the Sea Shepherds are ‘very outnumbered.”  The truth is that it is the Sea Shepherds who are attacking the Japanese.  Then, to add suspense, some whales showed up also.  Drama, drama, drama.

Now, engorged with the fuel that drives all reason from their bodies, ‘passion’, the Sea Shepherds commit themselves to the attack.

Since this episode ended so anticlimactically, so will this post….

8 Responses

  1. Right on!! I can’t help but watch this show, it like watching a train wreck!!
    Didn’t it look like a different day when they were showing the whales?

  2. The quarantine kept the Sea Shepherds stuck at dock for three extra days. Not likely they did this as a stunt.

    • They absolutely would have done it as a stunt. They needed to reprovision and re-man the the ship. I doubt if it kept them there much longer than usual. The upside of getting all the extra publicity would be motivation enough. Besides, they had to pay for all those extra provisions and the extra fuel.
      As a person who supports the Machiavellian actions of the crew, why would it bother you if it was a stunt to get them some attention?

      • I think you might have an incorrect understanding of the term “Machiavellian”.

        Trust me, SSCS does NOT like having to sail all the way back to Tasmania to refuel while the Japanese poachers are left to kill whales. Next winter they’re bringing their own refueling ship so they can stay on the poachers the entire season.

      • First, the Japanese are not poaching. Your statement only underscores how little you understand international treaties and maritime laws.
        Second, if the refueling ship works as well as the rest of their equipment, they will only compund their own issues and spend more time not helping whales.
        Thrid, the actions of the Sea Shepherd are the definition of Machievellian. That’s why Paul Watson was kicked out of GreenPeace. Read my Whale Wars comments on the other episodes. I believe I have articulated all of this before. It’s fine if you want to support their actions, but at least have the guts to call them what they are.

      • I got your last comment, and you are welcome to unsubscribe. The is a whole internet full of shallow thinking idiots like yourself. Feel free to join them.

  3. I watched the beginning of this episode again today. I noticed that Paul Watson was just holding the envelope with the ‘white powder’ up to the camera outside the ship. Later, the authorities were looking at an envelope (it looked different from the first one) on the bridge of the ship.
    I was struck by the fact that the only protection that they had on was rubber gloves. Really? Is that the reaction one would expect to a possible ricin or anthrax exposure? I would expect to see guys in bio-containment suits. Something smells funny.

  4. please use japanese dudes use some bullets. Can I volunteer to board the steve irwin and kick their a$$’S

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