Whale Wars Season 2, Episode 1: The Sound of Ice

Though there is good commentary in all my Whale Wars posts,  you can find my newest post on the subject here.

I came to Whale Wars late last season, and decided not to blog about it as a result of that.  However, with the new season beginning tonight, I have decided that I will write about it this season.  I will start out by saying that as I watched last season, I decided to root for two things, the whales, and the whalers.  I think the bad guys on this show are the evil Sea Shepherds.

I learned a lot about Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherds last year.  Among other things, these people are a bunch of dangerous, negligent, self-important, ignorant idiots.   As well as having all of the aforementioned traits, Paul Watson is also a Machiavellian liar and a dirty pirate.

This season’s premier began with the Sea Shepherds going apoplectic as whale was killed.  One of the crew actually said that the whalers’ actions were “a deliberate escalation by the Japanese…a response to our actions.”  What a self-important load of crap.  The whalers were killing the whales because it is their job.  This tease foreshadowed the event of ramming the Japanese that made news earlier this year.

The season began with another major system, the compass, broken on the ship.  What a bucket of bolts this ship is.

Then, we saw them deciding which members of the crew were actually going to participate in throwing stink-bombs and slippery bombs onto the decks of the Japanese ships.

Unfortunately, they found the Japanese fleet during the first episode this season.  I think I remember them wandering aimlessly for a few episodes last season.  On the way to the Japanese ship, they saw some whales.  One of the female crew members actually said sarcastically, “At least there are still a few left.”  This shows either a blatant distortion of the facts regarding the whale situation in the Antarctic, or it demonstrates her profound ignorance of it.  I say the chances are 50-50.

Then, they missed the Japanese ship because their ‘navigator’ could not tell the difference between North and South.  So, what was the answer to the situation?  Drive through the ‘treacherous’ ice field, and make it look a lot more dangerous than it is.

The episode ended by showing them running into the ice.  Fools.  There was also a preview of many of the things that are going to occur this season, but I at least will choose to hold off on all of that so I will have something else to gripe the rest of the season.

6 Responses

  1. Well Dude. What are you doing to forestall the end of everything? Quite simply – you and your ilk can get fucked.

    I spend much of my time raising money for SSCS. What do you do? Spend all your time being a super consumer vampire?

    I would love to see all of your ilk go find another planet. bye.

    • Actually, I work for a disaster relief agency, bitch. No, I do not waste my life, raising money to save an animal that is well managed by international treaties, and is a legitimate food source for people.
      You probably just got through putting out ant bait on the fire ants on your property. Oh, the humanity….
      That’s just silly, people like yourself, do not hold legitmate jobs, and therefore are not able to own property.
      I tell you what, why don’t you practice what you preach, and reduce your carbon footprint,… by stopping breathing.

    • Also, yes I am a consumer ‘vampire’ (if you like), but the difference is that I’m not a hypocrit about it. Think about that a little the next time you use you iPhone to ‘raise awareness’ about the consuming other people are doing. Oh, and I will asume you have a computer, high speed internet and a television to watch Whale Wars on, or I would not be having to read your drivel.

  2. Stevo – I have developed a new line of coal powered SUV’s. I’d love to get you into one of those bad boys. Call me!

    • Great idea jjackso15! With all of our cheap coal reserves we’ll be able to power the whole world…, and turn them all into a whole race of ‘super consumer vampires.’ Buah ha ha ha ha ha hah!

      I’ve decided to do my own part by developing a car that runs on whale oil. It’s the cleanest burning fuel there is, and is a renewable resource at the same time!

  3. Hey – you latched on to a real one! I’m guessing he uses a bike for transportation, doesn’t even own an auto (surely not one of those foreign sports cars you usually see whale lovers driving) the public computer down at the library, doesn’t eat meat ’cause ‘we all know about feed lots and slaughter houses’,. Tree hugger -be he thinks people who use paper are responsible for all the tree cutting too; but then again maybe he doesn’t really think at all….

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