American Idol Top 4 Results Show, Season 8, Wednesday May 6, 2009 Rock Week!

Oh No!  Paula is going to sing.  Please say it isn’t so.  I thought Paula sang last year, but my wife reminded me that it was just a video.  Ryan told us this has never happened before.  No Doubt may not be my favorite group ever, but Idol has definitely had worse, and Gwen Stefani is hot when she is not looking weird.  I’m really looking forward to being able to hear another serious Idol recording artist in Chris Daughtry this evening.

The group song was good again, and I thought it was cool that Slash played with them, and did not try complete self promotion like most guests on the results show.  Good for him.

Paula started singing, or maybe I should say her computer started singing, and she somehow took credit for it.  I hate, hate, hate the voice harmonizer.  It is the worst thing to happen to music since Tiny Tim.  I am convinced that she did not sing one note of that live, and even recorded, it was a terrible song.

No Doubt sang “Just a Girl.”  I have always found this song a little irritating, but I respect the fact that they sang one of their hits.  I would have preferred “Don’t Speak.”  Gwen Stefani is so irritating.  I know that she is a true hottie when she wants to be, but she chooses to dress like a 12 year old who wants to be Cyndi Lauper.  The guy with the tutu was ludicrous.  That statement may be redundant.

I hate recaps in general, but do we really need to recap other seasons?

I was surprised to see that Kris was immediately safe, and I was suddenly worried about Adam.  Then, of course, we went to commercial break.  Afterward, Ryan made me even more nervous by making the allusion to Daughtry’s early exit a few seasons ago.

Daughtry’s performance was great.  Thanks for that Taylor Hicks pick America.

Thank goodness Adam was safe.  It was Danny and Allison alone, and Allison was sent home after delivering her best performance.

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