American Idol Top 9 Results Show, April 1, 2009, Season 8

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Before the show started, I asked my wife, “Do you think the producers of this show can resist the whole April Fools cheesiness?”  Obviously, they could not.  They divided up the contestants into groups of three, then Ryan hinted that one of the groups contained the bottom three, even though it obviously did not.  I turned to my wife, and said immediately that they would be taking one out of each group.  Then, they came back from break, and did the same thing that they always do, and took one out of east group.  April Fools? 

I was frightened when we were informed by Ryan that a “Lady Gaga” was there to sing.  Nothing good could come from that.  On the other hand, it was great to hear the group do a great Journey song (“Don’t Stop Believing”) even if it was lip-synched.

David Cook sounded great, and I predict that he will be the next truly successful American Idol.  The ‘oohs’ might have been a little off, but at least he really sang it.

When it can time to get down to the bottom three, Megan smarted off to Simon, and told him that she just did not care.  Megan did some crazy bird-walk to the bottom three chairs that simply confused me, and made me like her less.  Allison was in the bottom three again, though I am not sure why, unless it’s that people just do not like her smoker’s voice even though she seems to use it well.  Anoop was in the bottom three, and he took the news in a classy way as opposed to the way Megan handled it.

When Lady Gaga came out, all I could hear in my head was Simon saying, “What the Hell was that?”  It was simply ludicrous.  To call that performance indulgent would be that greatest understatement ever.

After that tripe, Allison was quickly sent to safety.  Most happily Megan was sent home.  Simon cruelly told her that her last performance would not make a difference to whether she would stay or go.  Good.