American Idol Results Show February 18, 2009

I was pleasantly surprised with last night’s program, and it delivered in several ways.  First, the group song “I’m Yours,” while by no means perfect, was the best group song I have ever heard on Idol this early in the competition.  I was definitely not the train wreck that I have come to expect, and I think I even caught some harmony in there.

Second, the show delivered on talent.  I still feel that Ricky Braddy probably did not get a fair shake, and I would have liked to have been able to hear him again, but the cream did rise to the top.  The three who made it- Danny, Alexis and Michael- all deserved to be there.

Third, it seems that the new format may have taken the teeth out of the ‘vote for the worsters’ by concentrating the votes at the top and only allowing the best ones, who get tons of votes, to continue.  This keeps us from having weeks of an Amanda ‘Skunk Girl’ Overmeyer this year.

Also, I (oddly) did not finish the show with the feeling that Idol had stolen another hour of my life with a useless results show this week.  I can’t pin down the reason for this, but I did notice it.

I loved Simon’s cold retort to Jackie Tohn, “We’ll see,” just before she was dismissed, but I felt a little sorry for Tatiana as the producers of the show engineered a train wreck for her towards the end.  She was still in damage control as she said early in the show that she was ‘just humbled to be there.’  Really?  While I could not decide which Tatiana I liked less the irritating one or the fake one, I still felt a little sorry for her at the end.  It would have been nice if she had been able to be magnanimous, but she just does not have that in her.  I’m sure that last night’s experience was a good life-lesson for her, I just do not know of anyone has the right to purposely put a person in that situation as the Idol producers did.  In the end, I wondered if Simon felt the same way that I did.  He sure looked pissed-off when the show ended.

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  1. Gotta get caught up on my Idol. Thanks for the easy update.

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