American Idol Week 2 Auditions Season 8 (2009)

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As I watched this week’s American Idol tryouts, I was struck by the fact that they have become tired.  This, of course, is not good for the show, and may be the first chink in its up till now platinum armor.

The theme this year is definitely ‘style over substance.’  The producers have shown us three things so far, idiots, people with nice personalities and people with good back stories.  I have not been overly impressed the the singing ability of one person that they have shown so far (there have been three or four decent ones though).  I hold out hope that the really good singers just do not have the back-story or personality that the producers of the show are looking for this point.

I am going to take a preemptive shot at Idol here.  I have always disliked the group performance once the contestants make it to Hollywood.  There are always a few people who simply refuse to work with other people or do not have the talent to do so.  It just is not fair to send some good singers home because they are forced into a group containing someone who has a bad attitude.  Mark my words, that full-of-herself little girl from Puerto Rico with the irritating laugh will not be able to function in a group.

Speaking of her, that brings me to another point that is getting under my skin.  Last night the irritating little Puerto Rican made a statement that is being said on a regular basis by those who are trying out for the show, and some others who are dismissed from the show.  She said when asked why she was there, “I deserve to be the next American Idol.”   Look, I do not have a problem with a person having a positive attitude.  If she had just said, “I am going to be the next American Idol,” it would have been great, but hearing these kids many of whom are not even out of high school imply that they deserve to become the Idol is just wrong.  As the great Clint Eastwood once said, “Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.”  All these kids deserve is a high school diploma if they have earned it, and a swift kick in their asses to encourage them to get out of the house and become a productive member of society.

Finally, to Kara, shut the hell up and let Simon finish what he is saying.  Your bitchy little attitude that expects him to let you ramble on like Paula while at the same time expecting to be able to cut him off dissmissively whenever he comes close to criticizing someone you like (even if he’s trying to be constructive about it), is not going to fly.

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  1. DAMN! you are hardcore! Goin’ all “shut the hell up girl” on Kara! LOL

    Firstly, I totally agree about the group audition nonsense. Its stupid for a show that is about INDIVIDUAL talent to force the performers to actually work together for ANY reason.

    Secondly, the thing that has changed most drastically with this show (and, I imagine, most reality shows) is that they have all been done before. Everyone coming in has seen what is up, so there is no surprise to it anymore. So when a judge is critical, the performers already know that they can talk back or beg for forgiveness and grovel and act like whimps. Its really kinda nauseating and I hate how that has changed over the years.

    Lastly, I kinda liked Kara at first. but you are right about her and Simon. Its too early to get them started already. Seriously, it was annoying enough with Simon & Paula…now there are 2 women for him to bicker with while Randy sits there and talks jive with everybody. Its really gotten annoying and I was hoping it would change with the addition of a new face. Apparently it hasn’t.

    What I don’t agree with you on is the talent so far this season. I think there have been quite a few possible stars come floating through and I have liked several of them! I hope they continue to showcase the better singers and really start moving away from the really awful performances that continue to eat up time in the audition segments. Seriously…these people are terrible and just want their 15 minutes. Why give it to them? And for those that are terrible but THINK they are good…why humiliate them? Just edit them out and move on.

    So there is MY 2 cents worth! Nice blog though! I enjoy your site and appreciate you adding me to YOUR blogroll! 🙂

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