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Things I have noticed so far about this season’s American Idol (2009)

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I have decided, once again, to blog on this season’s American Idol. So that there will be no confusion, I will include 2009 in the titles of all of my posts. There really isn’t anything new about the show this season. Of course there is an extra judge, Kara DioGuardi, but all she brings to the show is a better looking female judge. She may be more lucid than Paul (who oddly seems to be more on her game this year), but so far, Kara’s only contribution has been to allow more mediocre talent through to Hollywood than in the past. She is nice, encouraging and rarely has anything bad to say. When she does, even that is encouraging, and very Paul-like. Simon seems to have left his critical ear and insensitive attitude back in England this year. He is much nicer, less discerning, less condescending and seems to be more motivated by the production value, personality and back-story of the contestants than their talent. Randy seems like he is just along for the ride. It may be that the program’s editors have chosen not to show the judges savaging undeserving applicants as much, and to concentrate on the ones that have an interesting story for a hook instead of the contestants who are really good, but I for one, am beginning to worry about the talent level of the contestants this season. The only other remarkable thing from this week was Ryan’s unfortunate episode with the blind contestant. He attempted to give the guy a ‘high-five’ and realized, only too late, that the guy had no idea what was going on. He then holds the guy’s hand up so that he can complete his own humiliation. I hear he will be teaching the guy to drive next.