Ah, Sweet Bitterness

I have been a connoisseur of bitterness for a few years.  Wine is a good analogy for bitterness, because when it is done well, and aged to perfection, it can leave the objective observer with feelings of amusement and maybe even a little sympathy.  Often, it leaves you with a nice after reading piquant of, ‘Wow, at least I’m not like that guy!’ or ‘At least I’m not having his problems’ or even perhaps, ‘I wish I could be that bitter!’  Bitterness can go bad or rancid just like wine or, for example, in the case of unbearably crotchety Andy Rooney (Oh, if CBS would only figure this out.), but most of the time, good bitterness leaves me with a pleasant smile on my face.  I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do.


I want to give a plug for the first story that I found on GordonKeith.com.  Gordon is a local radio and TV personality in Dallas who is otherwise known, appropriatly as ‘the prince of darkness.’  I posted a link to his blog on my blogroll.


With all of that being said, I would like to present this touching tribute.  Remember, you can’t get the last word in…when you’re dead.

New Features

In an effort to make my Blog a easier for myself, while at the same time giving something extra to my readers, I have decided to add a few new categories.  Each of these categories will feature links to other articles, stories or pictures that I find interesting with a short comment.  I have chosen to organize these under these headings:  Ah, Sweet Bitterness, Genius: Sometimes Serious Sometimes Sarcastic, Greatness, Interesting, and Bat Sh—Crazy (These links will become active as I add stories to them).  Some of these postings will be classics that I have pulled from some of my old emails received from or sent to friends, and others will be more timely as I run across them.