No Nonsense on Planes

It seems that we read almost weekly about people making asses of themselves on planes.  This week in the latest example of an unwelcome trend, two drunk women tried to open an emergency exit on a charter plane in order to ‘get some fresh air.’

I want to say now that I am personally serving notice to anyone that is on a flight with me from now on.  I will put up with none of these shenanigans on flights that I am on.  We live in a post 911 world, and an airplane is neither the set of the Jerry Springer show or your personal stage.  You are to stay in your seat.  If you get up from your seat, it is to go to the restroom, period.  You are to be polite to the stewardess or steward and other passengers.  If you cannot handle your alcohol, you are not to drink.  If you are emotionally unstable or cannot control yourself, you should stay home.  Know where the restroom is located, so that you do not accidentally try to open a cockpit door or exit. 

It’s a simple warning that should be heeded, because any false moves by people like yourself will be met with debilitating action.  Several people have mysteriously died after being restrained on flights, and no one saw anything.  You do not want to be added to this list.

If we all keep our heads and show common courtesy and decorum, we’ll all enjoy ourselves when we get to our destinations.