More on the Mole Season 5

I actually hope that I am wrong about this,but I’m very afraid that I am not.  Nicole’s whole “I’m going to self-execute” drama was one of the worst acting performances I’ve ever seen.  You could see better on Telemundo.

I just do not know what the producers are thinking.  They give her this very thin plot twist that makes no sense for her the character that she has played from the beginning.  Oh, so I’m supposed to buy the fact that this highly intelligent woman who has played her game so well, and portrayed herself in over the top mole-like behavior from the beginning, is now going to just take herself out before the others get a chance to.  That will show them how intelligent and opinionated she is.  Never mind the fact she is now three people away from winning half a million dollars.  It just makes no sense.

If Nicole is not the mole, then hats off to her.  She has played a great game (though I’ll never understand why she wasted so much time trying to convince the viewing audience that she was the mole).  However, I’m affraid that she is the mole and a terrible actress, and the producers of this show are just not very bright people either.

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  1. Oh well.

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