American Idol Results Show, May 7

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As a whole it seems like the group songs this year have been the weakest in the history of the show, and tonight’s song did nothing to help that perception.  I felt like an actual year passed by during their rendition of “Reeling in the Years.”  Since, I assume the Idol tour consists of a lot of this type of thing, I don’t know how well these weekly performances are drumming up business.

The crazy amounts of cross promotion on the show are now going too far.  Thanks for the five minute Beatle’s Love commercial.  How about instead of treating your audience like a bunch of idiots by dragging the contestants around to promote a different product under the guise of an actual segment each week, you allow them more song development and rehearsal time?  Perhaps if this happened, the quality of the music and the performances would get better.

In unrelated news, The Partnership for a Drug Free America has announced that they are replacing the image of a frying egg in their “this is your brain on drugs” commercials with Jason Castro shouting, “Bob Marley!”.  And, Syesha announced before the show that she will be petitioning the U.S. Congress for equal representation on MLK day due to the efforts and struggles she has experienced on the show this season.  Through this she hopes that all of America will be more able to identify with her plight.

It came as no surprise to anyone when Jason was shown the door.  I think he actually has less of a chance of becoming a successful recording artist than Brooke.  She may not have the backbone, but Jason has other problems.  His style is not mainstream, and he doesn’t have the talent, drive or discipline to make it in that industry.  He might make it as a restaurant singer if he is disciplined enough or cares enough to show up to work, and if they offer him free food, he will be able to cure the munchies.