Top 100 Creepy People #71-80

Creepy Person #80- Paris Hilton
She reminds me most of one of the beings that came out of the ship at the end of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The media continues to push her on us as some sort of example of beauty, but I know better. Her whorish ways and idiotic attitude only add to the creepiness.

Creepy Person #79- Boris Karloff
His body of work probably should put him higher on the list, but with Freddy Kruger disemboweling everything that walks by, Karloff’s movies have lost their edge. There is still some good nostalgia here, and he deserved to make the list if only as a pioneer in the field of creepiness.

Creepy Person #78- Britney Spears
If it were not for the kid thing, I probably have put her and Paris on the same level, but what she has done to her children has gone beyond creepy to just sad. But, she’s still out there panty-less on a regular basis. She is the kind of crazy that would make you put a bullet in your own brainpan just to make her shut up.

Creepy Person #77- Christopher Walken
He can play a good villain, and the dude is just weird. Even his William Shatner style of speaking is creepy.

Creepy Person #76- Tiny Tim
If I have to explain this one, you obviously do not know who I am talking about. He wore adult diapers not because he was incontinent, but for ‘sanitary’ reasons. Just look this nut up.

Creepy Person #75- Angelina Jolie
I dealt with this a little in the earlier piece in Brad Pitt, but suffice it to say, she makes the list solely for relationship with the ultra-creepy Billy Bob Thornton. She actually wore a vial of his blood around her neck, and would not take it off even for movie roles. She always wanted to have him near here. Crreeepy!

Creepy Person #74- Meat loaf
I respect this guy. Anyone who can put out one album a decade for four decades and have them all make a mint is a genius, but he is a creepy looking guy. Hot wife, though.

Creepy Person #73- R Kelly
Any guy who could stock his own section in a video store with the sex videos involving himself and underage girls is creepy. It’s even more creepy that he is still walking the streets. Where I come from we call those guys pedophiles and we put them in jail.

Creepy Person #72- Senator Larry Craig
Hey, you slimy bastard. Give it up already. You have proven yourself to be a two-faced pervert. No one wants you, not the Republicans or the Democrats. At least the governor of New York stepped down, and you should too.

Creepy Person #71- Sandy Allen, the tallest woman in the World
Tall girls are always a little gangly, but that does not do justice to her. She is 7 ft. 7 inches tall. Any man would be stricken with fear when faced with the reality of his own inadequacies with a woman of this size.

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