Top 100 Creepy People #91-100

Creepy Person #100- Brad Pitt

Why Brad Pitt?  He has really grown as an actor in the past decade, and I like him in most of the roles I see these days.  His creepiness is by association.  He is dating Angelina Jolie who is also creepy by association.  She was married to Billy Bob Thornton (one of the creepiest people on the planet), and together, they forged a bond based on creepiness (more on this later).  That kind of creepy does not wash off.  It’s always there in the back of your mind, and no matter how beautiful she may be, you are still only one relationship removed from being in bed with Billy Bob himself (shiver).


Creepy Person #99- Paula Abdul

Paula is weird, and she may have a substance abuse problem.  She often looks and sounds like the female version of a letch as she fauns over the contestants of the show be they male or female. Like several of the women on this list, she is using everything she can in a losing battle to fight the effects of aging.


Creepy Person # 98 Constantine Maroulis

Since he was the genesis of this whole idea, I honestly thought he would come in at a higher spot, but he just does not have the fame or the creepy ‘cred’ that many of those above him do.  I still believe he is the creepiest Idol contestant in the history of the show, and I will say again, that I would not let my daughter travel to a state where I knew him to be.


Creepy Person #97 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is what Constantine Maroulis would be if he could really pull chicks.  He has plowed ground in an unending furrow from coast to coast, but that was not enough.  He married Denise Richards (hot!), but that was also not enough.  No, this guy who had Denise Richards at home and could have had pretty much any woman ‘for free,’ still went out and bought hookers, so much so, that he is fairly notorious for it.  I’m sure there is a Ven diagram where my jealousy toward him and my feeling that he is creepy begin to occupy the same space.  This fact only makes me feel dirty and creepier.


Creepy Person #96- Mariah Carey

I’ve seen the concert rider.  Green M&Ms, a toilet that has never been used, and that is just the first paragraph of six typed pages.  Guys will put up with a lot for a beautiful woman, but crazy wears you out pretty fast, if it does not kill you in your sleep.


Creepy Person #95- Jerry Seinfeld

All of Hollywood may ignore it, but just because you are famous does not make it alright to be a pedophile.  She was 17 when they started dating.


Creepy Person #94- Ben Folds

I love everything I have heard by this guy, but the more you listen to his lyrics the more you realize what a screwed up SOB he is.  It takes a lot of pain to write like that, and most people could never convey those feelings half as well or as tortured as he does.  I give any relationship he is in about a 2% chance of success, in fact, give me the under on that bet.


Creepy Person #93- Mr. Rogers

I have a friend who loves this guy.  First off, watching that show and seeing him follow the same process from beginning to end each day would leave any child a little OCD.  He looks like the type of guy who knows how many steps it takes to get him to the corner of his street.  The dress only adds to the creepiness.  Not once in all of the years he was on television did he seem to be affected by fashion trends.  It was the same thing everyday.  No one could be like that all of the time.  He is the poster boy for people saying, “He always seemed like such a nice person.”  Nice until they dig up all of the graves, that is.


Creepy Person #92- Pokemon

I know this is not a person, but there is definitely something creepy and insidious about Pokemon.  Kids seemed to be captivated by this primitive animation that could have taken lessons from G-Force.  And, the never-ending card game that went along with it whose only purpose was to get kids to buy more of the game was creepy.


Creepy Person #91- Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte is Gary Busey Light, a lighter slightly less offensive and creepy version of the original.  He still gets the DUIs and looks like he stinks, but not as bad as Busey.  I think the photo says it all .

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Top 100 Creepy People

After causing a flair-up at the very suggestion that Constantine Maroulis is a creepy guy I began to ponder creepiness, and in an attempt to stir up as much trouble as I can while having a little fun, I have come up with a top 100 creepy list.  I had no real criteria other than the fact that these people in one way or another strike me as creepy.  I stayed away from people who have no notoriety, and I did not use too many historical figures.  Some, however, were so infamous for creepiness that they required some mention.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I invite you to remind me of any deserving creepy person that I may have left out.  I also left some people out on purpose.  For example, I did include Jeffery Dahmer on the list, but did not include John Wayne Gacy or many of the other serial killers.  Dahmer will suffice for the rest of them.  I didn’t want to have a list that was all serial killers.  In the same vain, I did not include a lot of the more creepy Metal Bands, but I mentioned a couple specifically.

I found that the word ‘creepy’ has almost as many connotations as ‘dude’ does.  You can be creepy in an ugly way, or a strange way.  Creepy can be evil or perverted.  It can scheme and erode, but in the end it is just creepy.

Some of the people on the list may be filler, but I hope they are funny.

Don’t expect the creepiest people in the world to be at the bottom of the list.  It will build.