American Idol Results Show, April 30th

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The show started with the best group song so far this season.  There was even some real harmony.  I ran it back just to make sure they were not lip-syncing.  I am surprised that this part of the show is getting better just as the contestants have more songs to learn each week.  It might be that Neil Diamond’s songs are just easier to sing, or perhaps by trimming some of the less talented fat from the competition, the group song has become better through attrition.  Whatever the reason, it’s a good thing.

Creepy Constantine (and I stand by the creepy comment 100%) was back this week to promote some lame Idol recap show on the Fox Reality Channel (unlike my lame Idol recap blog).  Looks like that singing career has really taken off for him.  I think I still remember Gina Glockson, but I know I don’t care one bit.

Apparently, Paula, the producers or maybe both of them were so embarrassed by her ridiculous comments toward Jason during last night’s show that they deliberately omitted them from the two minute recap.  Are you serious?  That was hands down one of the classic moments ever on Idol, and the fact that they did not include it in the recap smacked of a purposeful cover-up.  If you are going to put that stupid airhead on the show every week, don’t take liberties with your audience while trying to avoid the fact that she is an idiot.  You may say that they were just worried about her feelings, but I say, if you are going to put yourself out there every week in that condition as a judge of talent in a competition on television (no less), then you deserve whatever ridicule and criticism you receive.  Oh, if the internet rumors of her impending demise were only true.

I’m not going to take any easy shots at Neil Diamond’s mother on this blog, but I will remind the producers of the show that this is television.

When Jason was safe, I knew it would be a bad night for one of the girls, and I was right.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Brooke leave the show, because she honestly deserved to go.  It also will give the Internet a week’s reprieve from the inevitable calls of racism that will come whenever Sayesha leaves in the next two weeks.  I did come up with a name for Brooke’s first album after seeing her attempt to sing herself off the show.  How about Déjà vu?   Get it?  Brooke is a sweet person, but I do not see her ever having a successful music career.  I truly hope she finds another way to be successful that does not include playing in smoke-filled bars on the weekend, I do not know if she would survive in an environment like that.

Much Ado About Miley

Amazing.  With all of the problems in the world today, America, Bill O’Reilly, the Christian Coalition, and others have decided to gang up on a fifteen year old girl for showing her back in a photograph.  Let’s be honest.  That is what happened.  You can see more flesh on younger girls at the beach, but no one is calling on Disney to censure these young ladies.

I saw the picture, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.  The only problem is in the minds of the perverts and Puritans that draw inferences from it.  Miley is fifteen, and though it may make parents nervous to realize this, most fifteen year old girls are coming into womanhood.  It is important for them to recognize their own beauty, and if she wants to have a photograph taken of herself that is legal and exemplifies her beauty, then good for her.  And it is not anyone else’s business.

I am a Christian, but for me, this is just another example of Christian organizations beating up on their friends.  A couple of decades ago, the Southern Baptist Convention (of which I was a member) took it upon itself to condemn Disney because one of its subsidiary companies, Buena Vista, had dared to make a few racy ‘R’ rated movies.  The short sighted numbskulls and backwater hicks at the SBC had decided to boycott the only major producer of positive, family oriented films in the country at that time.  Genius.

Flash forward to 2008, and here we are again with another group of numbskulls driving the same bus at a 15 year old girl who has done nothing except be a positive roll-model for their children for the past several years.

If anything, criticism toward the Cyrus’ should be directed at her perceived ‘over managed’ career, but no, these short sighted, self righteous idiots go after her.  I truly think that she is being punished for true faux pas made by other young (and not so young anymore) starlets such as Lindsey Lohan, Britney Speers, Paris Hilton, and their pregnant underage siblings, among others who go around tramping up America, and being terrible role models for our children.  The problem with criticizing these other ladies (and I use the term loosely) is that they just do not care.  Public criticism has little effect on them other than to get them more of the publicity which they crave.  But, in Miley Cyrus, America has found a young lady who actually cares about her image, reputation, and her status as a role model, and for that, America has decided to take a bat to her.  Very nice.