American Idol Tuesday, April 15

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I have never been the biggest Mariah Carey fan, but in recent years, I have had to amend my attitude toward her.  She has had several mainstream hits that are very good.  However, I can’t stand some of her music, you know, the diarrhea stuff.  It has so many runs that you think you are on a roller coaster listening to her voice track and down.  Her passing of Elvis in #1 hits is another ludicrous example of the problems in the music industry and its inability to turn out a palatable product.

She is legendary for her many paged concert riders requiring specially colored M&Ms and toilets that have never been used, among other things.  That all being said, I thought she was a good choice for ‘Idol Mentor’ this week.  The contestants were able to choose good songs that would work for them, she seemed personable with the contestants and only rarely came across as if she had a high opinion of herself (saying, “What I do is tough…” and referring to her own song as a ‘classic’ were two good examples).

The main problem with this show as with ‘country’ week was Simon.  He had to know that it is unfair to compare the contestants with Mariah Carey.  Ryan even addressed this at the beginning of the show.  However, there was Simon telling Kristy Lee Cook, among others that she paled in comparison to Carey even though she did a song that was completely different to Carey, ‘made it her own’ as contestants are told to do, and sang it well.  The producers of this show need to sit down with the judges and have a heart to heart.  Each has areas where they could improve.  …on to the show.

David Archuleta “When You Believe”- Having him go first this week was hard on the other contestants because he was just great.  It sounded good at the beginning and got better as it went along.

Carly Smithson “Without You”- She sang this song with a stronger sound than the original at the beginning, but it still sounded good.  She has proven in the past that she is not very good at tricking up a song, and last night was no exception.  She changed up a run at the end of the first verse, and it turned out to be a pitchy mess for about three or four notes, but then got back on track.  When she went up into her higher voice, she was good for the rest of the song.  Randy thought it was pretty good, but Simon, comparing her with Carey, thought she did not pull it off.

Syesha Maecado “Vanishing”- She had the Scary Spice look last night, and that was unfortunate.  The performance had a little soul at the beginning, and the big notes were good.  Once again, it was technically perfect.  Randy commented that she did a good job on a tough song, and Simon thought it was good, but would not have picked the obscure song.

Brooke White “Hero”- It was the best vocal she has done in a couple of weeks.  I, unlike Randy, really liked the big notes after the bridge as well.  She was shaky (trembling) near the end of the song.  Does she have Parkinson’s Disease or something?  Randy liked the ‘singer/song writer’ vibe, but Simon, again comparing her to Carey, did not think she had the voice to carry the song.

Kristy Lee Cook “Forever”- I thought her voice sounded surprisingly good on the low notes, at the beginning, and overall, it was a nice country version.  She sounded like a legitimate Idol contestant again this week, with a Tammy Wynette quality to her voice.  The big notes were also good.  Randy was all over the place with his opinion, and Simon thought it was not great.  Of course, he hates country, and she was not Mariah Carey, so there was little chance of him liking it.

David Cook “Always Be My Baby”- I thought it was boring, but he sang it well with a nice soft tone to his voice.  The judges, however, loved it.  Randy gave him a standing O (not his first of the season), and Simon said that it was ‘original, daring and stood out  by a mile.’

Jason Castro “I Don’t Want to Cry”- In the beginning I thought it was OK, but the chorus sounded like a ‘radio quality’ recording.  This turned out to be my favorite thing he has done.  Randy did not love it, but Simon liked the ‘cool version’ of the song.


I would hate to have to pick someone to leave this week, as I thought they all did fairly well, but I fear that they show will be one female lighter after the results show.


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