Idol Results Show, April 2

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The results show does not get any better.  I know I’ve griped about this before, but why do these guys keep starting the show early?  When I tuned in, they were already half-way through the group song.  I heard the “9 to 5” part from Michael Johns solo on, and it sounded like the best they have done all season.  But, I digress.  I know American Idol is an 800 lb. gorilla, but do they have to throw it up in our faces so much?  This show has no business being an hour long in the first place.  Running over or starting early is just unacceptable.

“On the Air with Idol” was the waste of time that it usually is, but after this segment, it was nice to see the Clark Brothers on the stage.  Those guys have some real talent.  And, Buckey sounded surprisingly good, though his grammar is no better than it was when he was a contestant.  Bo Bice and Phil “the Spaceman” Stacey also made an appearance.  Phil has a great voice, and it will be interesting to hear what his original music sounds like.  He should keep the ‘chin music.’  It makes him look less freakish.

The scariest part of the evening was when we were informed that Annie Lennox would perform once again at Idol Gives Back.  Last year she was terrible. 

Dolly treated the audience to the hokiest song ever to be sung on an Idol stage “Jesus and Gravity.”  The tune was not bad, but as a song writer, she should be ashamed of those lyrics.  Her next song, “The Father, the Son and Taco Bell” should be in stores soon.

To Ryan:  Anything that is 69 years old should never be referred to as ‘hot!”  If the puppeteer who is controlling that Dolly marionette ever gives out, she’ll just be a lump on the stage.

As far as the bottom three went this week, I agreed with Simon.  It was a pretty good group.  Ramiele and Kristy Lee have been consistently sub-par, and Brooke did not have a good vocal this week.  I would not have minded seeing Sayesha in the bottom three, but the three that were up there were just fine.

Though I think that Kristy Lee Cook has consistently been the worst on the competition, and Ramiele did not sing badly, I was actually pleased to see her go.  She has had a knack for removing the soul from most of the songs that she sings.  I have been awaiting her exit for a few weeks, but my hopes were dashed when she turned in a bad performance as the first singer of the night last week, but did not even make the bottom three.  Now, It’s Kristy’s turn to go, maybe.


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