American Idol April 1

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Every season ‘Country Week’ on Idol rolls around and we are reminded that Simon just does not like or does not get country music and is unable to judge the genre objectively.  It has also become clear that he, for the most part, does not like songs with religious overtones to them, and tends to criticize the contestants when they sing them.

Dolly looked freakish which was nothing new, and Paula left is with the wisdom that Brooke was indeed Brooke White.  She’s horrible.

Brooke White– “Jolene”- It seemed like a good choice for her, but her voice was shaky.  In the end, the performance was weird for her.  It may have been too low.  It was too much in the range of her talking voice, and this seemed to affect the tone.  On a night when the contestants seemed to rise to the occasion, she unfortunately may have delivered the weakest vocal.  The judges were also unimpressed.

David Cook– “Little Sparrow”- Apparently, Simon also hates songs about birds.  I thought it was his best so far.  He stepped out of the alternative genre a little and delivered a beautiful vocal.  I normally do not like male falsetto, but he even made that sound good.  It was genius and I would buy it.

Ramiele– “Do I Ever Cross You Mind?”-  I was surprised to learn that she does not sound half-bad as a county singer.  It was her best in weeks, and even her stage presence sold it well.  The judges were not bowled over by it.  Simon delivered the deadly word, “forgettable” in his judgment.

Jason Castro– “Traveling Through”- Though this song had his standard folky vibe, it proved to be the best vocal he has delivered so far with much more range, tone and strength in his voice.  He sounded great, and it was my favorite song for him.  Randy liked it, but Simon did not like it at all, and said that the song did not suit him well.  Simon admittedly “did not get it.”  Yeah, Simon, we know.  You just don’t like the country thing.

Carly Smithson– “Here You Come Again.”- She sounded great on this, with sort of a Linda Ronstadt quality to her voice.  It was one of her best and the big note was fantastic.  This was also something I would consider purchasing.  Simon frustrated me on this one also.  He said it was not great, and proceeded to tear apart what she was wearing.  It all seemed a little unnecessary.

David Archuleta– “Smokey Mountain Memories”- It was a good song for him, and once again his tone and inflection were superb.  Randy called it the best of the night, and for once Simon praised a country song with religious overtones (maybe he was getting tired of hearing his own criticism at this point).

Kristy Lee Cook– “Coat of Many Colors”- As Randy pointed out, this was right in her wheel-house, but she still needed a good performance and delivered it.  I was not impressed with last week’s “God Bless the USA,” but thought this week was her best so far.  Simon also labeled this one forgettable.

Syesha Mercado– “I Will Always Love You.”- She looked nice again, and for the most part she sang the song technically well.  The problem is that she robbed this song of every ounce of feeling.  Her face did nothing to portray the deep feeling that the lyrics imply.  It was as if she came out with only the big note in her mind.  While she sang that note, I went to the bathroom, drank a glass of tea and did my taxes.  It was really forced.  She gave this song none of the emotion or feeling that David Archuleta gave a much easier to sing song, and there was no connection with the audience.  After a person just got up in front of them and hit all of the notes in a one of the best Whitney songs of all time, the judges were similarly unimpressed.

Michael Johns– “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right.”  He had way too much smug-rocker-face in this song.  It sounded better than it looked, though, and when I looked away from the screen, I thought it was his best vocal so far.  The judges were similarly impressed.

With no terrible performances last night, it is hard to speculate as to who might be going home.


2 Responses

  1. Hi there,
    Great summation. I agree. I was searching for what Simon thought of the Aussie, because my DVR stopped with Paula and her rambling thoughts, which were per usual, absurd and overlong. Can you give me a little more detail? And what about SImon and Seacrest? Seacrest, even if it’s all for show, comes across as disrespectful.

  2. To answer Joe, Simon had to be short because of Paula’s rambling, but he said that it was possibly the best that Johns has sung.

    I try to ignore most of what Ryan says. He trys to spar with Simon, but it’s like he brings a pen-knife to a sword fight. Hpwever, I’d rather listen to him than Paula any day, and sometimes he seems to reign Simon in if he is getting a little too testy with the contestants.

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