Persistence and Perseverance:

Persistence and Perseverance:  These two words are integral to any successful weight loss program, and are also a part of the “discipline” that was mentioned in a previous posting.  You have to be persistent to achieve results in a weight loss program.  You cannot have the attitude, “Oh, I’ll just have a steak and potatoes tonight, and then get back on the diet tomorrow.”  This usually leads to failure.  However, will there be times that you cheat or just make a bad dinner choice?  Probably.  Dealing with these times is what brings persistence and perseverance together.  You need to persist in getting right back on your program, and persevere knowing that it is all going to pay off soon.

Exercise requires persistence also.  I try to make it a point to walk at least one time a day.  If I get two walks in, all the better.  However there are times when I have projects that just will not allow me to exercise, and times when the baby will not take a nap.  In fact there were three days in a row early on in my diet when I did not get a chance to walk.  Did I let this discourage me?  No.  I got out and walked on the very next day that I could.

Perseverance gets you through the bad times.  The time I lost 53 lbs a few years ago was ended through a lack of perseverance.  I had done about as well as I am this time up until that point, but then came a week when I worked really hard and lost no weight.  I was disheartened.  All of that work seemed like it went for nothing.  Then I got sick, and thought “I’m just going to eat big for a week until I get to feeling better and get my energy back.”  That was the diet-killer.  A feeling of failure led to depression that I was undoing what I had worked so hard for, and I never got back on the wagon.  You must persevere through all of this.  There will always be things trying to kill your diet, but you have to stay focused and work through them.  This time I made it through the two obstacles that derailed the diet that I spoke of previously.  Halfway through the sixth week I got sick.  I had and a nasal, throat and inner ear infection.  It was awful, but I went to the doctor right away, and even though I was sick for another week, I persevered and walked every day that I could.  My reward for all that work was to lose no weight (first week that I lost nothing) that week.  Did I let this bother me?  Well to be honest, I was not happy, but I weathered the storm that killed the other diet, and I lost eight pounds the next week.

Week 11 update: I lost five pounds this week bringing my total weight lost to 67 lbs.  I now weight 292 and am 72 lbs away from my reevaluation goal.