Idol Results Show, March 26th

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I have had my say about the waste of time that the results show is on two other posts, so I will lay off griping about segments like “On the Air With Idol” this week.  My opinions have not changed, and if you would like to see them please see my other posts regarding the results show for the past two weeks (

and ).

On a positive note, the program started and ended on the hour, allowing my DVR to record without needless complications to other recordings, and the group song was the best this season, but that is not saying much considering the fact that I could see better down the road at Six Flags.  The iTunes sell-out was a little much with the eight brand mentions in about three minutes, but at least it was well produced.  And, the guest singer, Kimberly Locke (once again a former Idol contender) was very good.

We learned some things this week.  First, Carly, like Katharine MacPhee has had to endure the embarrassment of a pregnancy rumor while on the show.  This is not to say that pregnancy is embarrassing, but no woman wants to be accused of being pregnant when she is not, especially in front of all of America.  She handled it gracefully, though.  We also learned that the human skeleton, Dolly Parton will make her appearance next week (this may be a good time to have your remote handy in case you are forced to fast-forward or change channels).  Finally, Constantine Maroulis, from season four, once again proved that he is the creepiest contestant in the history of the show.  I would not let my daughter travel to any state if I knew he were in it.

The point of the show last night was to kick someone to the curb, and when I saw the last three, Chikezie, Syesha, and Jason Castro, I was mildly surprised.  My hopes for getting rid of Ramiele in short order were dashed.  If she can go first, sing that badly, and still not be in the bottom three, she will probably be there for a while.  She must have some charm, or those tears have bought her a lot of fans, but I just don’t get it.

I knew however, that this grouping did not bode well for Chikesie, and was proven right.  I still think he had one of the better voices in the competition.  I do not remember a wrong note by him this season, and his ability to sing a fast song, moving his voice up and down quickly while retaining great diction was unmatched this season.  His problems were two-fold, attitude (personality), and song choice.

Arguing with Simon aside (never, never, never argue with Simon if you seriously want to win the show, but he did), he would come across as pouting and surly.  Last night, at times he tried to force a smile on his face, but most of the time his faced betrayed his inner unhappiness.  I’m sure it is hard to hide these feeling, and I sympathize with him, but when you are on American Idol, you have to get by all of that if you want to win.  You are up against the Archuleta and White personality machines, and they will be difficult (if not impossible) to overcome.  Unfortunately the damage done by one surly look or snippy comment can be a contestant’s ticket home no matter how good they are.

I’ve always said that there is no way a true crooner can win on idol (thank goodness there is not one this season).  Their songs, by definition are not contemporary and they usually sound boring when placed against the songs of other contestants on the show.  I think the same may now be said for the soulful, Motown love song.  It may sound great when you are sitting on your couch at home in the evening with your lady, but the Venus Flytrap genre of music just will not help you to win American Idol.  I’m not saying that it is not good music.  It just does not work in the Idol atmosphere. 


23 Responses

  1. Constantine Maroulis is a co-host with Gina Glockson on American Idol Extra on Fox Reality Channel. Creepy? Because he was sitting in the audience? Because he looked at the camera? Lighten up. But maybe your daughter should avoid NY and CA just in case. 🙂

  2. There is not one thing that is creepy about Constantine. He is a very talented performer and a wonderful person!!!!

  3. I guess in today’s world that people make judgments about others based on what someone looks like or what they perceive someone to be. Clearly you know NOTHING about Constantine Maroulis.

    Using adjectives like that about anyone in a public platform is just wrong. Say you don’t care for him, or whatever. In fact, why even bother to mention him?

    And you’re so concerned that Carly is embarrassed because of a silly rumor? Pu-lease. The fact that this concerns you more than the negative connotations you made against someone’s character, really bothers me.

  4. What exactly makes you say he’s creepy? Have you ever met him? I have, many times. He is very kind, polite and generous with his fans who take the time to support him. He is an extremely talented performer with a fantastic voice. He is also a man trying to make it in his chosen field and IMO, he deserves way more breaks than he’s getting. He can both act and sing. I am far from a personal friend of Constantine’s but I have met him dozens of times without encountering any creepyness at all. It’s very sad when people judge others without knowing them.

  5. Don’t agree about the creepy part either. I think Constantine is a very talented entertainer and he’s quite handsome.

  6. Did you know Constantine is a part of the Make a Wish foundation? I don’t think the little girl in PA whose wish it was to meet him, nor her family, thought him creepy at all! They were grateful that he would put everything aside and make a trip to give a little girl her wish. Creepy? Absolutely not! Caring, polite ? Yes!

  7. After taking all of this heat, I decided to do a Google search on the words “Constantine Maroulis creepy” I had 5260 hits on the search. Huh, looks like I’m not out on such a limb after all. Maybe, I’m just in a better position to judge this than a 13 year old girl.

  8. Well, I just googled Constantine Maroulis sexy and got 46,000! I got 24,300 when I googled his name followed by the word talented. Add the word caring after his name and you get 63,000 hits. Looks like you are still in the minority, bonafide. I’m glad you brought up the google thing though. Thanks!

  9. Sorry Bonafide, I don’t think you’re in the position to judge anything concerning Constantine, because I don’t think you know anything to judge him for. Actually, I thought you must be pretty young Bonafide as name calling is usually reserved for the youngsters. Thanks Greekboyfan for the info. Considering the amount of info on the internet the 5260 hits Bonafide pulled up is a pitiful little bit. Maybe Bonafide should put her picture out there and let us critique her as to creepy or not.

  10. Ha! This blog is about American Idol Season 7, and who is everyone talking about, but the legend himself – the one and only Constantine Maroulis.

    As it should be!

    Like him or not…. no one can stop talking about him. Those who love him and can’t stop talking about him, and those who want people to think they don’t, but can’t stop talking about him. LOL

  11. I never saw Constantine as “creepy”, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As an entertainer, Constantine will always be an acquired taste. What’s the big deal if someone thinks he’s creepy. Live and let live, folks.

  12. Constantine is the most smug faux celebrity that I’ve ever seen. And he is creepy. In fact, on the creepiness scale I’d day he’s slightly more creepy than a fat guy that blogs about American Idol…oh wait, sorry.

  13. Cat Says:

    March 27, 2008 at 5:51 pm
    …Maybe Bonafide should put her picture out there and let us critique her as to creepy or not.

    I agree! I think she should put her picture out there!

  14. Yes, we are all entitled to an opinion. The problem is that when I read such nonsense about someone I respect, I just disregard whatever else the writer says.

  15. I find all of this hypersensitivity pretty funny. I must have left my panties at home today. Oh, that’s right, I don’t wear panties, because I am a guy. I can judge anyone I like, because this is my blog. I allow you to comment because that is my will. Don’t test it, and be careful your panties might just be in a wad.

    To Quote a great OSU Football Coach:
    “I”M A MAN! I”M FORTY!”

    Fun times.

    “F” jjackso15 in his ear.

  16. OMG, OH NOEZZZZZZZZZ, you are being attacked by the remaining 20 fans of Constantine! And yes. He is creepy. He will try to get your daughter in a bathroom and do things with soap. Creepee

  17. I am far from a personal friend of Constantine’s but I have met him dozens of times without encountering any creepyness at all.

    Maybe you don’t think you encountered creepiness, but I bet he did – dozens of times.

  18. I thought this was a blog about American Idol and your opinion about the week’s show. Yet the delusional come out and bash you for saying Constantine is creepy? I wouldn’t know what’s creepier, the bashing from the delusional fat grannies who call themselves Constantine fans OR the fact that he’s still around trying to milk his way over the 15 minutes of AI “fame”.
    Yes, the guy is creepy, looks like some unkept homeless hobo in need of a powerwash, reeks of B.O. masked with the gagging smell of AXE spray (yes, I have seen him and was about 5 feet away, and I could smell that god-awful stench emanating from him).
    He is only personable when there are people watching him but then turns into some sort of asshole when away from the scrutinizing eyes of the papparazzi (who by the way also think he is the biggest joke around).

    Come on, his time has past, if he isn’t the big superstar that his ego thinks he is by now, it’s about time to look for another career path. How about Wal-Mart greeter? There’s is a picure of him as one, and it suits him quite well.

    great blog Bonafide. Keep it up.

  19. You are absolutely, 100%, spot-on right about the creepiness of Constantine Maroulis. What you are mistaken about is that these whackos who have overrun your blog are not 13-year-old girls. They’re 50-something housefraus who spend their lives running around the internets, defending Constantine’s honor. They make the Claymates look mainstream. They make Kathy Bates’ character in Misery seem normal.

    I predict that next, your comments section will become their battleground for decrying the EVIL PINK CONSTANTINE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATERS. They’re easily provoked.

  20. It’s not hypersensitivity, at least not for me. It’s annoyance with people who have no clue what they’re talking about but talk anyway. Old sayings like ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ are still true today for a reason. If you ever meet Constantine and he is rude to you or behaves in a creepy manner, then by all means spread the word. Until then, you should show your intelligence by giving him a chance rather than parroting what some ignorant people are saying without benefit of experience. Just sayin’ 🙂

  21. Try a Google search for “Constantine skin flute” and see what pops up – you’ll feel even more vindicated in your (accurate) assessment that the dude is creepy.

  22. I see Creepy’s 50 fans have shown up to defend his “honor.” This is so predictable that it’s becoming crazy. Not only does the blogger have the right to characterize someone as he sees that person to be (duh!) but frankly, the vast majority of America found Con creepy when he was on the show and every other time they’re forced to see him. People babbling about the Make A Wish foundation doesn’t change that perception one iota. And frankly, please don’t bother to tell me what he’s done for poor sick children. If there wasn’t a huge photo op involved, he’d never bother.

  23. So who’s more obsessed with Constantine, those who adore him or those who abhor him? Looks like a tie to me, lol!

    “I look at all the lonely people…..”

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