I Can Make You Thin with Paul McKenna

I found it interesting that one of the first things he said during the show was that it was not an infomercial, because watching it I felt the whole time as if I were watching an infomercial.  I was relieved when he had nothing to sell, but the open did mention the fact that he is an author.

This guy may actually be English, but I think the British/Australian accent in most infomercials and documentaries needs to finish running its course.  It is a fact that Americans think people with British/Australian accents are smart.  It doesn’t seem to matter that England runs a close second to only France in its inability to prosecute a war successfully without the help of the US (see WWI, WWII, both gulf wars, India and the Falkland Island conflicts for examples).  It boggles my mind that a country would insist on continuing to pay exorbitant taxes ($70,000,000 a year) to support a royal figurehead family that has nothing to do with the governance of the country simply because they like the idea of having a queen.  This is also a country that has steadfastly refused to change its social mores, and accept the necessity of modern dentistry.  The Australians, on the other hand, are a just bunch of America wannabes who sprouted from the loins of convicts that the British shipped out.  But I guess we Americans have slotted ourselves by continually showing that we think Brits and Aussies are smarter than we are.

Aside from the accent, I found the show to be extremely repetitive.  At times, it was like listening to a cheerleader or someone excitedly chanting a mantra.  Many of the shows on Discovery, TLC, the Food Network and others of this ilk could learn a lot from the following statement.  If you do not have enough content to fill an hour, cut the show down to 30 minutes.  I do not need the constant repetition and the complete recap of the show after every break.  I have a DVR, and I will rewind the show if I miss or forget something. The Biggest Loser could easily be cut down to an hour if they simply removed the recaps.


As far as the content of the show goes, McKenna spends the first few minutes talking down diets.  Most of this sounds like catch phrases.  “Diets are nothing more than training courses in how to get fat”, “Diets are why half of America is overweight,” and “If you are overweight, it’s not your fault.”  To be truthful, his plan, so far, is a diet.  He is modifying the way people eat (more of this in a moment), and honestly, if you are overweight, it is your (and my) fault.  You are the one who puts the food in your mouth, and you are the one who does not exercise.  It is apparent that some lifestyle modification is required to result in losing weight.

He makes some sweeping statements that just are not true.  While some people do fail at diets, there are lots of people who find a diet that works for them, and have success.  This is the real secret of a successful diet: finding a diet that works for you, and sticking to it.  I’m sure his program has a failure rate just like any diet, but I doubt he will say anything about it.

He presents “four golden rules that can really be summed up in one statement.  When you are hungry, eat what you like, but eat it slowly so you will feel full sooner.  He acts as if this is a great revelation, but it is really something my mother has told me for years.  The regimen of chewing bites 20 times and paying attention to the food that is being eaten will play well with the OCD crowd, which probably explains some of his success since a lot of people who are overweight are OCD in the first place.

I will continue to watch the show and glean what I can out of it.  I am sure there will be nuggets that I can apply to my own program.  I am also sure this program will be the answer that some are looking for, and I hope that it works for them.


This week’s update:  This week I lost 1 pound.  I worked hard this week, and it is a little disappointing that I did not lose more, but I was prepared for this moment.  As the old knight at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade says, “I knew this day would come.”  I have gotten to the point where the weight is not going to just fall off of me anymore.  From this point on, I will see varying results from week to week.  In the past three weeks, I have lost 7,0,8 and1 pounds respectively.  The point is that on the whole, I am still meeting my goals.  I will continue to eat the same, and exercise, and trust that over the long haul, I will continue to see positive results.  One very positive aspects of losing a pound this week is that I have now lost 56lbs on 9 weeks and the 1 lb loss put me over 40% of the way to my goal.

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  1. Hang in there! Weight loss is tough!

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