Unreasonable Court Decision



Oklahoma needs to start recalling some judges.  This is crazy.  Of course, a woman has a reasonable expectation that she will not have someone violating the privacy that she is expecting inside her skirt while she is shopping.  On top of that, this was a minor.  What has really happened is that a group of irresponsible Oklahoma judges has just released a pedophile back onto the streets.  No one will be surprised when he kills some kid in the future, but any future acts by him or the people who now feel the license to imitate him, can be partially placed at the feet of this group of stupid judges.

These judges obviously did not stop to think about these ramifications or the wider implications of the precedent this foolish decision sets.  These types of terrible decisions are used in future cases by lawyers who inevitably attempt to find anoth atupid judge and dumb down the system even more.

Oklahoma law makers should immediately move to enact laws that specifically protect women from this type of action.  It should be a sex crime, and should result in sexual offender status so that society will be able to track these perverts in the future.

The legislature or the people of Oklahoma (whichever follows appropriate state rules) should begin a recall of the legal pinheads (judges) responsible for this decision.  A statement needs to be made.  No action will only encourage these people to deliver more of these ridiculous verdicts, while recalling them will send a clear message that Oklahomans will not tolerate this nonsense.  These people mat be powerful, but they still serve at the consent of the people.

Finally, if you catch some guy looking of the skirt of a woman and taking pictures, beat the hell out of him.  No jury in the world (especially Oklahoma) is going to convict you for it.



2 Responses

  1. People like you make me sick. The only reason I am not going to lambaste your DudleyDoRight remarks above is because the victim was a minor.

    The days it is hard to tell if a girl is a minor. Especially when their mums and dads allow them to dress like whores.

    Now if she was not a minor, I say treat a whore like a whore. Any man has a right to look wherever we damn well want as long as we do not go into a private place to do it.

    I would love to see you try and beat the hell out me, you piece of shit.

  2. I have been remiss in dealing with the guy who posted the comment above. I did not approve it for a while, but I spoke with a friend who said that it was important to know that there are actually people who think this way. I agree.
    The best thing I can hope is that the guy did not read the original story (I’m sure his attention span is not that long anyway), but it really is his reaponsibility to read things he comments on, so I must take this fool at his words.
    It was nice to see that he recognized the significance of the fact that the girl in the story was a minor. And, that does make a difference, but even if she had not been a minor, I would still feel the same. No man has a right to follow women arround attempting to take video up their skirts.
    The assumption that any woman wearing a skirt is a whore is worse than ludicrous. Is it not more likely that the guy who was attempting to take pictures up her crotch was just a pervert? He was not looking, sir. He was following her and holding a camera underneath her legs.
    I truly have fear for any woman the commenter above comes into contact with. And, if I see you with a camera shooting up the skirt of a woman, you get your wish you slimy Brit.

    The management.

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