Motivation:  Motivation and morale are the biggest things in terms of sticking to a weight loss program.  I have a wonderful 19 month old motivation.  She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I want to experience as much of her life as possible.  Even at her tender age, she has shown me things about myself that I do not want to saddle her with.

I love my mother, but she was overweight while I was growing up.  She was not a good example of a healthy lifestyle for me.  I do not blame her, but in a child’s mind it is easy to rationalize the idea that, “Mom’s fat, and she’s OK.”  I definitely did not want to leave my daughter with this example.

And, don’t think a one year old does not notice.  I stopped biting my nails (a life-long habit) several months ago because I noticed that my daughter had her hands in her mouth all of the time.  I noticed one day that it looked just like she was biting her nails.  That day was the last time I bit my nails. 

In another incident, just last week (47 lbs. down) my daughter pointed at a big round snowman on the side of a coffee mug and said in the sweetest voice, “Daddy!”  You’ve got love that, but you can also use it to keep yourself motivated.  I do not want Daddy’s shape to be associated with anything large and round.  That 47 lb. loss is something, but it does not mean that I am thin yet by any means.

It’s hard enough to find good (nutritious) food that is aimed at kids.  By eating healthy, myself, I am not only setting and example of how one should eat, I making healthy choices available for her.  Sure, she may not want to eat what I am having today, and that’s OK, but she will often lean on me and sweetly say, “Some!”  This is the perfect chance to let her try some other things.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, you don’t want your daughter to think that being fat is ok? Or that no matter how her mum looks, she’s fine just the way she is? Way to instill a multitude of neuroses or even eating disorders in her as early as possible… Then again, maybe I got it all wrong ;o)

  2. Wow, just wow. A person who wants to instill the lessons about healthy eating into his offspring so they dont have to learn it the hard way, and you get a comment deriding you for it. I want to say something as needlessly cruel and unthinking as the last comment, but I am not that cruel, nor am I that unthinking.

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