Less of Me to Love

I have a secret that I have not shared yet.  I asked a friend if I should blog about this, but he said he thought it was a little gay.  I thought about what he said far a while and, at this point, I am comfortable that it is not gay.  My secret is the fact that in the last eight weeks, (since January 14th) I have lost 54 pounds (I weighed a day early for this blog.  In the future, all weigh-ins will be on Tuesday as my wife and I agreed from the beginning).  I am feeling great, and looking better, but that does not mean I am finished.

When I began my weight loss odyssey, I was a whopping 359 lbs.  That’s a lot.  In fact, it’s about the weight of two grown men.

I did not get this way overnight.  It took years of bad eating and little exercise to put me in this condition.  I would like to say that I have struggled, but except for one time about four years ago when I lost 53 lbs, I have never made a good effort to get healthy.

I have found that my success this time is due to several factors.  They are:  Motivation, Desperation, Morale, Determination, Preparation, Persistence, Perseverance, Discipline, and Support.  This sounds like one of those Stephen Covey things about now, but I digress

By blogging this, I hope to share what I have learned from this experience in the hope that some of these things might help another person to also have success.  I will deal both conceptually and practically with the issue of weight loss.  I will show how many of the words mentioned above have applied to my personal experience, and expound on their impact for me.  Finally, I will share many of the recipes (as long as they are not copyrighted) that I have enjoyed and that have lead to my success.  I will tell you places that I go, and the food that I order when I go there.  I hope to cover all aspects of my regimen, and I hope you benefit from it. 

I have read no books in preparation for this, though I have watched this season of the Biggest Loser (I will write more on this later).  I plan to see if I can get anything out of the new I Can Make You Thin show as soon as it premieres, and plan to review it.  I am not a doctor, but I encourage you to see one if you are going to try to lose weight.  Weight loss should be a victory not a tragedy, so be careful.  All of the ideas in this blog are just my own.  This program has worked for me, and I hope there is something in it that will work for you.  If there is anything in here that goes against anything a physician has told you, please ignore what I have said, and respect your physician’s advice.

Good Luck.


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