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Most people were not surprised at all to see Jason Yearty leave, though his goodbye song was his best on Idol yet.  If he could have sung that good before last night he might still be around.  Robbie Carrico was no real surprise either,  but the America’s collective gasp was almost audible as the next two contestants Alexandrea Lushington and Aliana Whitaker were ushered out the door.  Obviously there were others who should have gone ahead of them such as Amanda (Skunk Girl) Overmyer and Kady Malloy, but this should not come as a real surprise to anyone.  American Idol is not a competition where you get to vote out the ones that you hate (wouldn’t that be great, though?).  It is competition where you vote for the best.  I you are not in the top three, overall, or if you do not sing the best on a given night, you have a chance to go home.  We are not privy to the stats, but I assume that there are those two or three who get the 30,000,000 votes and the rest divide up the change.  If you are not one of the best, you could always go.This, oddly, is what gives the “vote for the worsters” some power.  If these few a-holes can band together, they can have some effect on those who are not at the top.  Get ready folks because this could mean we will see Danny Noriega and skunk girl for a couple of more weeks.  These people “worsters” have no real power over the competition, because once it gets down to around 10 contestants, they will be overwhelmed by the numbers.  It is only sad for those who could have made a little college money off the Idol Tour by making top 12, but are replaced by lesser, undeserving talents such as Sanjaya.I wondered for a second if the reason the judges say stupidly positive comments to these contestants is because they think this might get these people off the “worster’s” radar, or they think they can attempt to cover up for the voting flaw in their show by making the audience think that these contestants are actually good.  If either of these is the case, they should stop it.  Paula show just keep her mouth shut or go back to agreeing with Randy, and Simon should hit them with both barrels. 

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