There Will Be Blood

Oh my.  My wife and I went to see this movie together.  I’ll give you her review first.  “I hated it.”  That pretty much says it all.

I can sum up the plot-line like this.  The once was an oilman who was a bastard.  Seriously, that seems to be the whole plot of the movie.  Daniel Day-Lewis won best actor for this dreary, moody and melodramatic role, and he may have even deserved it, seeing as the director could not find time to develop any other characters or plot lines besides the emotional mood-swings of Daniel Plainview (Day-Lewis). 

There might have been a compelling story involving a local faith healer, but this was choppy and a small part of the movie.  And, we never got to know him well or his motivations.  Plainview’s relationship with his son, H.W., could have been most interesting, but it seemed only to touch on a very few negative highlights, and we never really got to know this character.  I would have liked to have seen more about his dealings with Standard Oil, but these were perfunctory at best.  Even getting to know his “brother” better would have been nice, but this character was cut short also, though he may have been the best developed outside of Plainview himself. 

For a movie that moved as slowly as it did, There Will Be Blood seemed to cover little ground.  However, each and every one of the resolved conflicts in the movie seemed to be resolved too quickly and in much too high-handed a fashion with little or no explanation of character motivations.  The moral of the movie seems to be: If you are an awful person, you may not have a very good life.

One other thing.  What was with the score of this movie?  It would build and build until you were sure that something momentous was going to happen, but then nothing would happen.  There was one scene that was panning across a train station.  The music kept building until I was sure someone was about to die any moment.  The camera panned across the front of the train, and then moved on to another scene.  It was a beating.

I do not, not, not recommend this movie, and remember I am the guy who likes historical movies.