Three Out of Four is Not Bad

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At last night’s results show, we saw that perhaps the wind has gone out of the sails of the “Vote For The Worsters.”  I rightly predicted that three of the four would be gone, and I don’t believe that I gave Colton much support.  Perhaps if I had looked back at what I had actually written, I would have seen the wisdom in him leaving over Yeager. 

Good job America!  It shows that you still know more than the judges when it comes to a performance.  Even though Joanna got support from Randy and Paula and Colton was not strongly criticized by any of the judges, you were able to see for yourselves the weakness of Colton’s performance and the awfulness of Joanna’s performance.  I don’t believe it took too much of a musical ear to decide not to call in and vote for Amy or Garrett.  Deciding not to vote for them was a no-brainer.

I like to think that when Ryan chooses two of the contestants to put on the hot seat (before he lets one of them go) that both of them had the lowest remaining totals.  I cannot imagine it being fair otherwise.  If this is true, Chikezie will need to step up his game a little bit, even though he was not that bad.  He did go early, and Simon took out his hatred of the 60’s on him, but if his chooses a good song this week, he should be fine.Kristy Lee Cook will also need to step up her game if she hopes to save “Trigger” from the glue factory.  She has a voice that is nice to listen to, and she looks very nice in a pair of Go-go boots, but she needs to add style to the songs that she sings.  She does not need to pick anything by a strong singer such as Aretha Franklin.  Karen Carpenter or Anne Murray and country songs are better for her voice (these are just examples, I’m sure there are others).As far as Amanda (Skunk Girl) Overmyer, I was giddy when I saw her standing with Joanne, and I could just see her leaving next week (assuming the judges do not go out of their way to prop her up).This season looks to be shaping up well.  My friends and I usually make our top four picks after the first week, but looking at the boys, I have requested and extra week to make my decision.  Another compromise was that we would pick our top six this year instead of our top four, and pick our two favorites next week also.  So by Friday of next week you can expect a top six prediction, a top two and a winner, from your (mostly) friendly Idol correspondent.Finally, I want to comment on the Paula video.  At least she did not attempt to perform the song live, as she did before the Superbowl (it was not even live then, but they tried to make it look that way).  I was just getting over that trauma.  I’m mostly glad that she had the bravery to come out and really sing the song.  I mean she showed that showed that audience that she still had some real pipes.  It was obvious that she was singing live during the video, and the best part was that she didn’t have to rely on a studio producer and a voice harmonizer to make her sound decent.  Oh wait,…[The above paragraph is an example of sarcasm.  Nothing in it should be taken at face value.  I really thought the video was ridiculous bordering on pathetic].