Additions, and Corrections to Yesterday’s Idol Talk

Find my latest American Idol article here.

I need to start paying a little more attention.  First of all, I neglected to even mention Robbie Carico’s well done rendition of “One”.  It is always nice to see a rocker show that he can actually sing.  I am a little suspicious of him in the same way that I was suspicious of Bo, to seasons ago.  I looks like if you were to shave either one of those beards, you would be left with a pretty wimpy looking guy.

Second, yesterday I said that only Asia’h Epperson had impressed me among the girls.  After watching last night’s show, I realized that I had my names and faces confused, I meant to give that credit to Syesha Mercado instead (more on the girls in today’s second installment).

Third, I went back and watched Jason Castro’s performance again after several arguments with people whose opinions I respect.  I must say that it was better than it looked the first time.  He looked very comfortable.  He was on pitch the whole time with several accidentals thrown into the song, but his voice sounded a little weak.  This may have been a result of the style of the song.  It will be interesting to see if he has some real pipes in there.

Finally, I watched Colton Berry’s “Suspicious Minds” again, and I came to realize why I hated his version so much.  As I said before, he sang all of the notes on key.  The problem was that he took a great, soulful song and reduced it to a piece of bubble gum.  It was like what might happen if Hanson decided to sing an Elvis song.  This guy needs to infuse some style into his music.

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