Out of Africa

I file this movie under, “movies that I never made time to see.”  I think that anybody should take the time to see movies that win best picture or are nominated for best picture (I will except Brokeback Mountain and The Crying Game from this list.  You are welcome to see them if you like, but I choose not to.).  That does not mean that I have seen all of these movies, but if I see one of them roll around on one of the premium channels, then I record it, and watch it when I can.  This is what I did with Out of Africa.

Yawn…. Even thinking back on this movie starts to put me to sleep.  It is the story of a Victorian era woman who moves to Africa.  The main plot seems to be: Sometimes it can be somewhat hard for a woman to live alone in Africa.  A secondary plot is: When you make a bad investment, act like you are trying hard to make it work, but when the first real setback arises, throw up your hands and walk away.  After all, it was only your family’s money anyway.  And then the third plot (this is where Redford comes in) is:  Independent woman meets independent man and they fall in love (even though she is in a loveless marriage with another man) and eventually she tries to take his independence away, because we all know an independent woman could never handle having a relationship with a man she could not control.

Luckily for the viewer, this movie was only about 2 ½  hours long, but it seemed to age me as I watched it.  And, why did Streep have to talk like a female ESPN reporter for the whole movie?  It was off-putting.

I looked back at the nominees for best picture that year. They were: “OUT OF AFRICA”, “The Color Purple”, “Kiss of the Spider Woman”, “Prizzi’s Honor”, and “Witness.”  Of course, The Color Purple was better, but this was still the time when Hollywood was going to be damned if it would give an Oscar to Spielberg.  Other notable films from that year were, Cocoon, Silverado, The Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, and White Nights.  I personally would rather have watched any of these films (or ant two of these films in the same amount of time) again than to have wasted the time that I gave to it.  If you find yourself being irresistibly drawn to watch this film, make sure that you bring something else to do, like a crossword puzzle or a Game Boy.

Definitely not my favorite.

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