Campaign Woes

If you have read the little bio that included my political views, it will comes as no surprise to you that I am unhappy with recent events concerning the Republican primaries.  I am not a John McCain fan because I feel that he committed the cardinal sin of working against a sitting president from his own party.  When a political party does not present a unified face, the opposing party sees blood in the water, and this encourages a feeding frenzy of dissent. 

Not only do I brand McCain in this manner, I believe his motives for doing so are as base as they come.  It would be one thing if his lack of support for the President were the product of some high-minded ideals (aka Mr Smith Goes to Washington stuff), But I believe that John McCain is about one thing, and that is John McCain and creating his own “legacy”, whatever that is.  He saw Bush as a political Johnny-come-lately who soundly defeated him, and then stood in his way for eight years.  The product of his selfishness was a host of clashes with the White House, compromises with the opposing party (unnecessary when you have both houses of Congress and the Presidency- squandered days we may never see again), and constant media events all designed to keep his (To’-up) face out there.

Good for you John.  It looks like it has all worked out fine for you.  You will be the Republican Nominee this year.  And, we (the Republicans) will lose.

This election is going to be 1996 all over again.  If you remember, in 1994, the American people were so disillusioned with Clinton that they turned out a democrat Congress that had been in power for 40 years.  It was a Republican heyday.  If America was this mad at the Dems, all we would have to do is determine who the nominee was, and we would win the Presidency.

We were given Bob Dole.  He was seen as a strong party guy, someone with experience, and a wounded veteran.  The problem was that he was an old fogy with a baby arm.  He was not telegenic and he was unelectable.  People would not vote for a President with baby arm, and they will not vote for a President whose face looks like a topographic map of the moon.

When I talk about politics, I often say, there are only 17 percent of voters who are undecided in any election.  These are people who have not bothered to educate themselves on how the candidates and party platforms match up with their own beliefs.  They have no moral compass (at least party dems know what the believe!).  Let’s face it.  The only reason that they still have the vote is that they have not committed a felony… yet (or the Meth lab is well hidden).  Most are too wrapped up in Desperate Housewives, Ultimate Fighting or their stories to educate themselves as to how they believe they should vote.  They hope for a Jerry Springer style campaign where they can decide who to vote for by picking the guy that the crowd shouts loudest for (not the guy getting all of the “boos”).  The best thing that can be hoped for is rain.  That is surely to keep them home where they will do the least harm.

But, I digress.  We are still in the primaries.  This is where the true party members take the time to express themselves.  I respect that, but what I do not respect is a group of one-issue voters who would rather lose than see a person from their own party who disagrees with them on abortion.  I’m pro life, but I knew that Romney was right when he said “A vote for Huckabee was a vote for McCain.”  But that did not matter to a bunch of backward, barely literate Southern Republicans who would never vote for a guy who was not the most pro-life candidate, and would never vote for a Mormon in any case.

So, Romney’s out (I assume that he is the VP candidate now), and I will be voting for John McCain.  And, we will lose.