Charlie Wilson’s War

I like history, and I tend to like movies that are based on actual events (not that I do not a good story).  But, when I get a movie that makes a good effort to stay true to historical events while at the same time providing me with a good script, good acting and even a little comedy every now and then, I am in!

I don’t think I’ll be spoiling anything by saying that this movie recounts the events surrounding the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and the subsequent black ops/cold war conflict that the US funded in its aftermath.  Charlie Wilson is made out to be one of the biggest unsung heroes in American history, as he is given credit for the destruction of the Soviet military in Afghanistan which led to the eventual fall of the Soviet Union.

At this time in American History with terrorism, the Patriot Act and Iraq, it is all too popular in Hollywood to make war movies that bash the US and American intensions abroad.  This movie is a huge gust of fresh air showing that a movie can be made that presents US intelligence organizations in a positive light, even if it takes a truthful jab at our inability to correctly follow up on our foreign policy in the end.

Hanks and Seymour-Hoffman were equally brilliant in their respective rolls as congressman and CIA agent, respectively.

I loved it.