Movie Reviews

I like movies, at least, I like the good ones.  Notice, I did not say that I go to the movies.  With an 18 month old, my wife, and I find it harder and harder to find time to go and see a movie.  In fact, we have only been to a theatre once in the last year (Charlie Wilson’s War which I will review soon).  I don’t rent movies or watch them on pay-per-view.  No, I have a nice cable package that offers me about fifty channels of HBO, Stars, Encore, Showtime, TMC, IFC, and Sundance (Sorry, no Skin-a-max).

My wife works in the evenings so this gives me a lot of opportunities to catch movies after the baby goes to bed (thanks to the miracle of DVR), and I watch pretty much anything that I’ve heard of.  I often get the opportunity to see a movie that I somehow missed along the way, or just have never had the time for.

This puts me a little behind most of the viewing public, but that’s fine with me.

So, for all of you guys who are as behind in you movie watching as I am, I hope that you find something useful in my movie reviews.


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